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Bridgeport Milling Machine

Bridgeport Milling Machine

Bridgeport Milling Machine

The Bridgeport Milling Machine is iconic and is found in Metalworking Machine Shops all over the world.  They are built like Mack Trucks and are really are a thing of beauty to look at.  It represents a time when things were made in America and made well.  

The original Bridgeport Milling Machines were made in Bridgeport CT back in 1938.  It gained popularity soon after for being the best vertical milling machine made.  The name Bridgeport Milling Machine is so synonymous that it is often referred to as any type of milling machine of that style, no matter the brand.

In 2002 Hardinge, Inc. (Elmira, New York) took over production of the Bridgeport Milling Machine.  It was a tough challenge keeping this brand alive, but in the end they succeeded making it the Best Milling Machine money can buy!  In addition, they manufacture spare parts for the multitude of Original Bridgeport Milling Machines in circulation.  That certainly is important because these machines are built like tanks and there are plenty of older ones still around.   

When quality and workmanship are you #1 priority, Penn Tool Co., certainly recommends The Bridgeport Series I Milling Machine

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