Precision Measuring Calipers

This clamping instrument used to measure the distance and dimensions between two opposite sides of an object with extreme accuracy. These measuring devices typically consist of two arms connected by a threaded screw, between which an object is placed. The measurement can be indicated digitally or through analog means, such as a dial.

Industrial measuring tools are vital for any factory, machine shop, or garage. They’re useful for everything from small objects to large surfaces, and they have several applications in manufacturing.

High Quality Calipers for Industrial Applications

As one of the most important measuring components in a machine shop, it’s essential that you have quality measuring tools on hand that boast steadfast durability and superior performance.

As a trusted source for precision measuring digital calipers and dial calipers, many machinists choose Penn Tool Co. for their projects. To ensure your satisfaction, we carry established brands that you can count on, such as Asimeto, Mahr, Fowler, Mitutoyo, and many more.

The Best Digital Calipers for Machinists

The best digital dial calipers empower machinists to make accurate measurements efficiently. They should be precise, consistent, and reliable.

Additionally, ease-of-use is a bonus. The Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE Digimatic Caliper Series 500, for example, lets you set any slider position as zero so that you can do incremental comparison measurements at the click of a button.

Meanwhile, the Fowler XTRA-VALUE CAL Electronic Caliper boasts an extra-large display to simplify and expedite the recording of a measurement. As an alternative example of optimal usability, the Wrench iD+ from iGaging and Zuther Xtreme Technologies makes it a breeze to identify the size of nuts and bolt heads.

The Best Dial Caliper Measuring Tools for Industrial Use

Machinists and manufacturers across a diverse range of industries still rely on the analog accuracy of a dial display. The best ones are durable enough to handle industrial projects of any size.

The SPI Polymid Plastic Dial Caliper 150mm, for instance, boasts a shockproof mechanism for superior dependability. Alternatively, the Fowler Economy Dial Caliper is made from stainless steel to boost its hardiness.

Of course, you can’t discuss this subject without mentioning Mitutoyo dial calipers. The Mitutoyo Dial Caliper 505-742, in particular, is one of the most trusted pieces of measuring equipment on the market. With extra shock protection and a TiN coating on the beam wear surfaces, this dial caliper might not its retirement until you do.

Measure Up to the Best with Precision Calipers from Penn Tool Co.

Whether you’re looking for something uncomplicated or for something a little more technologically advanced, we have what you need at Penn Tool Co. With over 50 years of experience, we can help you find what it takes to get your next job done quickly, efficiently, and triumphantly.

We boast an expansive catalog, featuring vernier calipers, traditional spring calipers, and even several, helpful caliper accessories. Better still, we’re passionate and collaborative, so we enjoy helping you find the perfect tool for your projects.

If you want more information on the best measuring equipment for your operations, reach out to our team today.