Carl Hirschmann C 40.20/3d Genesis Clamping System - GEN-SYS

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Carl Hirschmann, Inc.

Carl Hirschmann C 40.20/3d Genesis Clamping System

Set Contains:

H4000 Manual Clamper

  • M Clamper (mounts to machine table for manual loading of pallets)

For mounting on the machine table.
Repetitive accuracy: 0.002 mm (0.00008")


  • H4000 is a manual clamper mounting directly to the machine table.
  • X & Y centering prisms and separate Z-supports facilitate precision clamping of the H4110M 3D pallet
  • Front surface is precision ground for axis alignment.
  • The securing top latch and two positioning pins hold the pallet in place to be fastened.
  • Permissible workpiece weight including workpiece holder – 35 kg (77.17 lbs)
  • Positioning and repetitive accuracy <.002mm (0.00008")

H4110M 3D-Pallet (for M-Clamper)

  • M Pallet quick mounts to the M Clamper and accepts all work holding fixtures in the 4000 system (adjustable 3 axis)

For manual and automatic changing of workpieces. Fits to P-Clamper and also to "B"-Beam and M-Clamper. Three axis levelling is standard, quick and easy workpiece alignment in X, Y and Z direction.

H4110M for manual clampers (H4000, H4300)

Max. workpiece weight (workpiece holder included): 30 kg (66.15 lbs)
Pallet weight: 2.2 kg (4.8 lbs)

3-D Pallet Characteristics:

  • For holder and workpiece weights up to 30 kg (66.15 lbs)
  • Wide range of adjustment (0.5 mm/0.0197" on a length of 80 mm/3.152")
  • Quick and secure adjustment in X, Y and Z direction
  • Vibration free even under high flushing pressure
  • Z-surfaces for Z = zero position are insulated against dust
  • Quick and easy zero positioning
  • Low profile construction allows optimal clearance with upper wire guide
  • Cross-hair prism centering not effected by heat
  • Rear surface ground parallel to prism for adjusting 3rd axis

H4620 "Mighty Vice"

  • "Mighty Vice" provides collision-free horizontal clamping of square or rectangular parallel workpieces. The clamping jaw and the end stop can be positioned anywhere along the front of the vise to assure central clamping of the part. The end stop can be turned around to clamp cylindrical parts in the horizontal Vee blocks. A precision-ground reference bore in the end stop allows easy pick-up of the workpiece. The distance from the center of the bore to the contact surface is engraved on the vise.
  • Clamping range: 0 - 160mm (0 – 6.3")
  • Max workpiece weight: 15 kg (33 lbs)
  • Vise weight: 2 kg (4.4 lbs)
Carl Hirschmann C 40.20/3d Genesis Clamping System - GEN-SYS

Carl Hirschmann C 40.20/3d Genesis Clamping System - GEN-SYS

Carl Hirschmann C 40.20/3d Genesis Clamping System - GEN-SYS