CHAMP Point Splitting Drill & Tool Grinder - CHAMP-4SP

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Motor 1HP, 220/440V, 3 Phase
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CHAMP Point Splitting Drill & Tool Grinder

#60 to 3" Drill Grinder

Capacity: #60 to 3"
Length: 21"
Weight: 79 lbs.

Drill Bed Features:

  • Locking System: Drills into place using wheel's rotational force on drills face, twists and locks drill in locating plate. No rotational movement.
  • Dual Bed System: Lower support bed is adjustable and locks for lip clearance and drill point angles supports the detachable upper bed.
  • Screw Tip: The thread tension bar is an adjustable locking type stop
  • Lip Angle Extension Gage: Extends an exact amount of drill point beyond the drill bed. Optimum extension is automatically accomplished when the cutting lip spirals into parallel alignment with its adjacent baffle line.
  • Boss System: Operator oscillates the upper grinding mechanism back and forth across the grinding rim's full width. This permits finer finish yet faster, coolergrinding action with coarser wheels. Simultaneously, it eliminates wheel grooving; minimizes heat, glazing and loading. As toolsare ground across the rim, the wheel wears down on the same parallel plane. This constitutes automatic wheel dressing which increases diamond dresser and wheel life while allowing the operator to concentrate fully on the grinding operation.


  • Grinds a 2" diameter drill in under 2 minutes
  • Drill Capacity: No. 60 to 3" diameter, taperedor straight shank, 2, 3, or 4 flutes
  • Accuracy: Actually equals or exceeds new drills
  • Portability: Operates unattached on a tripodal support heavy-duty aluminum base and dynamically balanced motor. This includes a balanced wheel because of the design that permits dressing both the wheel face and side grinding rim (with the same dresser)
  • The only grinding machine that grinds flat-faced drills up to 3" diameter

Complete Unit Includes:

  • Sharpening mechanism lip angle extension gage
  • Diamond dresser
  • Lamp and grinding wheel
  • Motors are totally enclosed, fan-cooled and have ball bearings on both ends


CHAMP Point Splitting Drill & Tool Grinder - CHAMP-4SP

CHAMP Point Splitting Drill & Tool Grinder - CHAMP-4SP

CHAMP Point Splitting Drill & Tool Grinder - CHAMP-4SP