Chevalier Manual Surface Grinder 6" x 18" - FSG-2A618

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Chevalier Manual Surface Grinder 6" x 18"

M Series Standard Tool Room Surface Grinder


  • This high-precision surface grinder has been specially developed to help manufacturers with a wide range of needs.
  • The tool cabinet in the machine base is specially designed for operator's convenience (618M).
  • The interlock between electrical cabinet door and power supply is established to ensure safe operation.
  • The maximum distance from the table surface to the spindle centerline is 450mm (177"), which provides more clearance for grinding.
  • The manual grinders feature a spring-loadedtype table travel-stops that dampen the over travel caused by abnormal operations.
  • The optimum span of double-V crossfeed guideways is designed based on bending moment, kinematics and supporting force.
  • All essential castings are high-grade Meehanite cast iron which the stress relieved has been done through annealing to eliminate internal stress.
  • With the impressive stiffness and stability of its castings, this machine is suitable for both precision surface grinding and form grinding.
  • This grinder is offered with one-year warranty for mechanical and electrical parts.


Item Number FSG-2A618
Table Size 5 3/4" x 18"
Maximum Grinding Length Longitudinal 18"
Maximum Grinding Width Crosswise 6"
Max Dist fr Table Surface to Spindle Centerline 18"
Longitudinal Movement of Table 19 3/4"
Maximum Travel, Manual 20"
Table Speed, Infinitely variable 16-82fpm
Rapid Travel, approx 38ipm
Automatic Transverse Increment 0.02-0.24"
Max Auto Transverse Travel 6 3/4"
Max Manual Transverse Travel 7"
Cross Transverse Travel: Handwheel per revolution 0.100"
Handwheel per graduation 0.0005"
Wheelhead Vertical Infeed: Handwheel per revolution 0.05"
Handwheel per graduation 0.0001"
Grinding Spindle Speed 60HZ 3450rpm; 50Hz 2850rpm
Rated Power 3.3HP
Packing Dimensions 56"x48"x83"
Net Weight 1695 lbs

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Chevalier Manual Surface Grinder 6" x 18" - FSG-2A618

Chevalier Manual Surface Grinder 6" x 18" - FSG-2A618

Chevalier Manual Surface Grinder 6" x 18" - FSG-2A618