Knurls & Knurling Tools

Knurls, Knurling Tools, and Rollers

Metal tools are an irreplaceable part of any industrial, commercial, or manufacturing operations. However, they can often be difficult to hold, carry, or grip.

That’s when it becomes advantageous to have one’s own supply of knurling tools for industrial equipment. These vital tools empower you to shape a textured surface onto your metal tools via pressure, cutting, or grinding.

Better still, at Penn Tool Co., we offer an expansive collection of diverse knurling tools and knurling rollers for lathes. This enables you to source the perfect tools to maximize safety, operability, and efficiency in your operations.

Knurling Tools for Lathes

Industrial tools, such as lathes, often require operators to guide the equipment with a gloved hand.

Over time, regular friction can wear the handle to a smooth and potentially slippery degree.

By maintaining a well-stocked toolkit of knurls, you can handle the situation before it even develops.

What are Lathe Knurling Tools?

Knurling tools use pressure, grinding, or cutting to strip away material and develop a graspable pattern onto hand tools, handles, and grips. These functional designs improve usability by enhancing the control your operators have over their equipment.

In other words, knurling boosts operator safety by reducing the likelihood of slippage. This amplifies productivity by promoting confidence and minimizing down time.

At Penn Tool Co., our knurling tools and rollers for sale can produce intricate patterns on cylindrical surfaces. From straight or diagonal to square or diamond patterns, these tools have you covered.

Hand Knurling Tools

Knurling hand tools are the essence of portability and ease-of-use. The Eagle Rock KnurlMaster Hand Knurler, for example, is a great tool for knurling small parts and pieces.

It has a capacity of 1/8″ to 1″ and the kit includes the hand knurler, three hardened steel rollers, and a storage case. The knurler is easy to use:

  1. Insert the workpiece between the two rollers
  2. Tighten the knurler screw
  3. Rotate the knurler handle

This will create a consistent, evenly spaced knurl on your workpiece.

Eagle Rock KnurlMonster Hand Knurler

The Eagle Rock KnurlMonster Hand Knurler is the heavy-duty cousin to the KnurlMaster, and a fantastic tool for anyone who requires a firmer grip. With a capacity of 1/4-2″, this hand knurler can handle a lot of work, and the ergonomic handle makes it easy to grip and use.

With a Black Oxide finish and Safety Yellow enamel, it’s fully heat treated and ready to work. The knurling wheel is also adjustable, so you can get the exact results you need.

Boost Operability & Safety with Knurling Tools at Penn Tool Co.

At Penn Tool Co., we offer an impressive selection of knurling wheels and tools to meet your needs. Our knurling tools and rollers for sale offer a comfortable design made for easy gripping.

They conveniently repair regular wear on machine parts, and the knurling process is also used while assembling low-precision applicators. For years, we’ve aimed to provide outstanding customer service and the additional support your products require.

We always work to maintain total customer satisfaction and look forward to helping you achieve your desired outcome. To find the ideal fine knurling tools, rollers, and wheels for your operations, reach out to our team today.