Darex Drill Sharpeners


Darex World's Best Selling Industrial Drill Sharpeners

Based in Ashland Oregon, Darex has become synonymous with selling the most innovative and best selling Industrial Drill Sharpeners.  With a Darex machine you can sharpen drills accurately in less than a minute.  Super abrasive wheels can sharpen up to 6,000 drills!  Think of all the money that can be saved by using Darex Drill Sharpeners.  With the model XT-3000 you can sharpen two fluted twist drills from 3mm to 21mm (1/8"-3/16th).  It also creates point angles from 118 to 150 degrees.  They also make various accessories to sharpen large and specialized drills.  Darex Drill Sharpeners turn regular drills into self centering, fast cutting, high performance drills.  Patented dual cams move the drill in two directions.  The in and out and up and down motion is the same motion as when factories make brand new drills.    

Darex lists the Company Cores Values below.  We at Penn Tool Co., feel that Darex is the superior choice when looking for Drill Sharpeners.  Quality is apparent and cost savings by having Darex Drill Sharpeners in your machine shop is quite measurable.

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