Darex Drill Sharpeners


Darex Drill Sharpeners

If you find yourself replacing your drill bits or drill sharpeners often, then you should invest in a brand that works as hard as you do. Darex drill sharpeners are found in workshops of various sizes all around the world.

This trusted brand consistently produces sharpening solutions that are versatile, rugged, and functional. With a diverse range of tool sharpening solutions, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your workshop.

At Penn Tool Co., we offer an expansive selection of the best tool sharpeners this brand has to offer. Find the best drill sharpening tools for your shop; then, continue reading to learn more about the benefits of Darex equipment.

The Benefits of Darex Drill Sharpeners

Based in Medford, Oregon, Darex has become synonymous with the most innovative and popular industrial drill sharpeners on the market. With a Darex machine, you can sharpen drills accurately in less than a minute, and super abrasive wheels can sharpen up to 6,000 drills!

Darex drill sharpeners turn regular drills into self-centering, fast-cutting, high-performance drills. Patented dual cams move the drill in two directions, in up-and-down and in-and-out motions similar to the movements used when factories manufacture new drills.

This maximizes the effectiveness of the sharpener as it matches the original grooving better than other options. In turn, this improves the longevity of your equipment, and maximizes the return on your investment!

What are the Best Drill Sharpeners on the Market?

To find the best drill sharpeners on the market, you must consider several factors to ensure that you choose a superior-quality solution. Here are a few things to look for:

  1. Sharpening Capability: Look for a sharpener that can hone a variety of drill sizes and types, including high-speed steel (HSS) and cobalt drills.
  1. Ease of Use: Ensure you choose a sharpener that’s simple to set up, adjust, use, clean, and maintain.
  1. Durability: Find a sharpener that is built to endure the demands of heavy use.
  1. Accuracy: Your equipment must feature a reliable and precise sharpening mechanism that produces consistent results.
  1. Brand Reputation: Look for brands, like Durex, that have a proven track record of producing high-quality solutions for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

The Best Industrial Drill Bit Sharpeners at Penn Tool Co.

Considered a workhorse in the industry, the Darex XT-3000 Drill Grinder and Sharpener boasts exceptional versatility to ensure it meets a variety of sharpening needs. With the XT-3000, you can sharpen two fluted twist drills from 3mm to 21mm (1/8″-3/16th), and create point angles from 118 to 150 degrees.

It’s ideal for any workshop that requires advanced manual sharpening solutions for their drills and tools. It’s also perfect for shops that require a variety of drill sizes and styles in their production line.

Best of all, the XT-3000 now features an automated sharpening system to maximize productivity! You can set cycle times and pre-drill setup, and the LCD screen even offers 5 different languages.

What makes the Darex XT-3000 so dependable?

Darex produces various accessories to sharpen large and specialized drills. In fact, the Auto-Sharp Module turns your manual sharpener into an automatic one!

It’s easy to use, and the attachment is universal, meaning it can be attached to any past or present model of XT-3000. Insert the key chuck, press start, and the motor itself will sense when the grinding is complete.

This maximizes precision, minimizes output, and optimizes your productivity! You can even use the Work Piece Counter to track operator output.

Find the Best Darex Drill Sharpeners for Sale at Penn Tool Co.

You shouldn’t be replacing your drill sharpening machines too often. Instead, you should make a one-time investment in a durable solution that you can trust.
To find the perfect Darex drill sharpening machine for your workshop, reach out to our team today.