Dotco Power Tools- Your Trusted Name in Material Removal 

For over 60 years Dotco has been providing extremely well made power tools to a customer base where the generic power tools found in the big box stores simply will not do the trick.  Their signature high end bearing system provides very minimal noise as well as low vibration.  They are lightweight but certainly strong enough to live up to industrial applications.  This makes the Dotco brand of tools unique and another reason why customers who demand quality only use this high end line of tooling.  When only the best will do, Dotco is the brand of choice.  Since 1953, this company has been manufacturing right here in the United States.  Just one more reason why you can be sure you are getting a premium power tool like no other that you will find made overseas.  Tools decades old are still running today the same as when they were manufactured many years ago.  High performance power tools that put minimum strain on the moving parts make them the best in class.  Serving the automotive, aerospace, construction, and other various manufacturing industries.  Penn Tool Co., highly recommends Dotco to customers who demand only the best.  For industrial applications, Dotco has the grinders, sanders, drills, air marking pens, tube tools, and other industrial service tools you need to get your job done!  Dotco is the trusted name in material removal.