Ductformer CR-8 Rollformer (Base Price) - CR8-SDC

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Ductformer CR-8 Rollformer (Base Price)

The Model CR8 is the work horse of the Ductformer Line. It can accommodate up to four (4) sets of tooling. Ductformer’s CR-8 Rollformers are designed with versatility and flexibility in mind. Multiple roll tool configurations are available on the CR8 including Slip and Drive Cleats, Male and Female Snap-Lock, Pittsburgh, Acme Seams, Tri-Plex and Standing Seam.

The CR8-SDC Rollformer produces Slip and Drive Cleats on the inboard rolls. Two (2) Auxiliary Roll Sets can be mounted on the outboard roll shaft extensions. Optional rolls include Pittsburgh and Male / Female Snap Lock, Acme Rolls and Tri-Plex. Precision craftsmanship and materials with direct drive oil bath gear reduction make the CR8 the quietest machine in it’s class! See the difference, hear the difference!

As with all other Ductformer Rollformers the quality of the CR-8 can be observed as soon as the power is turned on. The quietness while running reveals the machines precision workmanship and superior design will guarantee years of dependable service. The sealed bearings are protected from contamination eliminating lubrication or maintenance. The Oil Bath Gear Reduction Transmission Unit (U.S. brand) is both quiet and smooth running. Just like the other Ductformer rollformers all of the CR-8’s tooling options are made in our own machine shop on new CNC machines.

Sealed Roller Bearings:

  • Keep Metal Particles Out of Bearings
  • Eliminates External Thrust Bearings

All New Computer-Aided Design:

  • All Hardened Roll Tooling
  • Eliminates Pittsburgh Opening Rolls

Full Oil Bath Gear Reducer:

  • Strong Power Transmission
  • Quiet Running


  • All Gear Drive
  • Full Hardened Tool Steel Infeed Guides
  • 16-28 gauge capacity
  • Speed 85 Feet Per Minute
  • 5 H.P. 240/480 V, 60 Cycle, 3-Ph
  • Fully Enclosed Machine Base
    69” Long x 24” Wide x 40” Tall
    34” Pass Line
  • Shipping Weight: 900 Pounds
  • Many Roll Tooling Options

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Ductformer CR-8 Rollformer (Base Price) - CR8-SDC

Ductformer CR-8 Rollformer (Base Price) - CR8-SDC

Ductformer CR-8 Rollformer (Base Price) - CR8-SDC