Eagle Rock Redmer R1-2S Air Chucks

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Eagle Rock Redmer R1-2S Air Chucks

REDMER "2S" Heavy Duty Air Collet Fixture Air Chucks

The largest of the Redmer Air Chucks. A solid cast iron construction provides the maximum capacity, rigidity, stability and versatility of any standard collet fixture anywhere. This heavy-duty workhorse with a 2" diameter capacity will accommodate the most demanding applications.

All "2S" Air Chucks include the REDMER Collet Stop System with built-in air/coolant ejection.

R1-2S-22D #22D 1-5/8"
R1-2S-RC5 RC5 2"

Approximate Shipping Weight: 38 lbs.

About Redmer Air Chucks:

The REDMER AIR CHUCK is a heavy duty holding fixture that has many uses in second operation work, such as drilling, milling, threading, tapping, deburring, etc. It is also an ideal fixture for use in assembly work.

The REDMER AIR COLLET CHUCK was developed with one purpose in mind – to provide a holding fixture that would give ACCURACY – SPEED – ECONOMY.

Designed primarily for use with Brown & Sharp type screw machine collets, ACCURACY is maintained as the collet remains stationary, thereby eliminating the possibility of depth and center variance due to slight variations in the diameter of the work.

SPEED is obtained by the ease of operation of the collet chuck. The operator’s hands are free to load and unload, thus reducing fatigue and cutting unproductive time to a minimum. The built-in part stop features an air/coolant ejection system to improve part and chip removal.

Its low consumption of air and its simplicity of construction, which eliminates expensive repairs, gives the desired ECONOMY. It can be used on many different jobs merely by changing collet and stop. This, in most instances, eliminates the designing or building of special fixtures that are obsolete when parts are changed. This also means the saving of valuable production time and materials.

The REDMER AIR COLLET CHUCKS are indispensable where a holding fixture is required for round, square or hexagon work. One fixture will eliminate the need for numerous jigs and fixtures that are only adaptable to one particular job. It only requires the changing of the collet, and the adjusting of the built-in stop rod to change from operation to another. These simple changes can be accomplished in just a few minutes.

Whether in short run applications that last for a few parts or long run applications that seem to run forever, the quality and workmanship of the REDMER AIR CHUCKS will provide a longlasting and accurate performance.

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WARNING: This Product Can Expose You To Materials And/Or Chemicals Which Are Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer And/Or Reproductive Harm.

Eagle Rock Redmer R1-2S Air Chucks

Eagle Rock Redmer R1-2S Air Chucks

Eagle Rock Redmer R1-2S Air Chucks