Edge Technology Tool

Edge Technology

Edge Technology Tool has some of the most unique tools for metalworking industry. They have taken tools typically used on a lathe or milling machines and totally redesigned them.  Known for their sleek red color they have taken some of the most basic tools for precision measurement, improved on them and made them better.  Edge Technology Tool Presetters are some of the best around.  Penn Tool Co., carries all Edge Technology Tools from Pro Tram Systems to Vise Jaw Stops.  When you need only the best tools to assist you in making metalworking easier and more accurate, Edge Technology Tool is where to look.  If you want a Mill Caddy, Pro Lathe Gage, Pro Stop, Pro Tooling Fixture, Pro Touch Off Gage, or Pro Tram System, the name you should look for is Edge Technology.

Edge Technology Tool is a leading manufacturer of milling and lathe machinist tools, with a full lineup of indicators, gages, chucks, vises, and much more.  Edge Technology products are designed to increase accuracy while minimizing set-up times, while maximizing production during tool offsets.  Most tooling options from Edge come with a durable anodized finish over high-strength aluminum bodies.