Electra-Kool™ Model 3000 Industrial Blower

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Electra-Kool™ Model 3000 Industrial Blower

The two biggest Electra-Kool™ models are too large for most electrical cabinets, but are ideal for cooling large DC motors. Models 2000 CFM blower & 3000 CFM blower force thousands of cubic feet of filtered air per minute into your DC motors, keeping them clean and cool. Electra-Kool™ is low-cost insurance against motor malfunction due to excessive heat. You’ll save a boat load of money in preventative maintenance costs.


  • 3000 CFM of air flow (no filter).
  • Recommended capacity: 600 HP DC motor
  • 44.5” overall length (end filter to end motor), 25.38” deep (out from flange), 22.81” wide
  • Rugged cast aluminum housing & impeller
  • 13.5” circular flange that mounts easily
  • Long lasting filter life due to huge surface area… 106 SQ FT
  • Simple assembly: Filters require just one wingnut – great for quick cleaning
  • Finger-guards installed on both the inlet and outlet for your safety
  • One year manufacturing warranty – just in case.

NOTE: The image above shows an optional configuration of this blower. The standard build has the outlet flange and the terminal box on the left, as seen in this drawing. Please let us know which configuration you need when ordering!

Electra-Kool Filtered Blowers are a low-cost alternative to both air conditioners and compressed air systems. By delivering clean, filtered ambient air to your electrical enclosure, Electra-Kool blowers prevent factory down-time at a fraction of the cost.

Electra-Kool blowers have reliably kept electrical equipment clean and cool since their launch. Trusted by industrial customers everywhere and always in stock.

Electra-Kool Features:

  • Simple "bolt-on" design. Secured easily with nuts and bolts. Filters are also easily swapped out with a simple wing-nut.
  • High-Efficiency motors made in the USA - lower your operating costs significantly.
  • Prevents microscopic dust particles from damaging your electrical components with our pleated paper filters (99.9% efficiency @ 0.5 Microns) or HEPA filters (99.97% @ 0.3 Microns).
  • Pre-filter wraps that extend the life of the primary filter
  • Mesh finger-guards on both the intake and outlet - Safety First.

Accessories & Options:

  • All Electra-Kool blower systems come with louvered vents for hot air release, a thermometer for internal temperature monitoring, and an air deflector plate to direct air toward a hot spot.
  • Polyester (medium filtration) or metal mesh (coarse filtration) filters also available.
  • FilterKits are available for adding our filters to filterless blowers, Electra-Kool or other.


  • Three Phase Only
  • 10 HP, 3490 RPM, 215TC Frame
  • 208-230/460V, 60Hz TEFC
  • Amps: 24.0 @ 208V, 23.2 @ 230V, 11.6 @ 460V
  • UR, CSA, & EEV Listed
13200 Metal Mesh (coarse) 44.5" 25.5" 23" Filter Mounting Hardware Only ~250 lbs (LTL)
13201 NONE 25.5" 25.5" 23" Filter Mounting Hardware Only ~190 lbs (LTL)
13202 Pleated Paper (fine) 44.5" 25.5" 23" Filter Mounting Hardware Only ~250 lbs (LTL)

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Pleated Paper Filter (Fine filtration)

  • Rated for 99.9% efficiency @ 0.5 microns nominal and 99.97% @ 1 micron nominal
  • Moisture & oil resistant for consistent performance in all climates
  • Filters out dust too small to see with the naked eye

Metal Mesh filter (Coarse filtration, shown above)

  • Rated 60% @ AC Fine Dust
  • Four layers of corrugated aluminum mesh
  • Long-lasting, corrosion resistant protection against coarse particulates

Prefilter Wraps

  • Provided along with Blowers with Pleated Paper filters.
  • 1/2" thick, non-woven polyester to pick up larger particles and extend the life of the main filter
13215 3000-MM Metal Mesh Filter (coarse filtration) 21.5" height x 19.75" OD
10205 3000-MMKIT Metal Mesh FilterKIT™ Includes 3000-MM Filter, Filter End Cap, & Filter Mounting Hardware
90002 3000-PL Pleated Paper Filter (fine filtration) 21.5" height x 19.75" OD
10092 3000-PPKIT Pleated Paper FilterKIT™ Includes 3000-PP Filter, Filter End Cap, & Filter Mounting Hardware
Electra-Kool™ Model 3000 Industrial Blower

Electra-Kool™ Model 3000 Industrial Blower

Electra-Kool™ Model 3000 Industrial Blower