End Mills

End Mill Bits For Industrial & Commercial Operations

In commercial woodworking and metalworking shops, end mills play a crucial role in shaping and machining various materials. These cutting tools are designed to perform precise operations, making them indispensable for creating intricate designs and achieving desired outcomes.

At Penn Tool Co., we offer an expansive catalog of rugged and reliable end mill bits for a diverse range of industrial and commercial applications. With our superior milling bits, you can cut materials like metal, wood, and plastic with ease and confidence.

Whether you’re engraving wood, designing jewelry, or creating signs for your business, we offer milling bits for all your needs. Shop our products today and watch the productivity in your shop soar.

What are Mill Bits Used For?

End mill bits are used for cutting laterally across a workpiece with equipment like drill presses, routers, and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines. Whereas drill bits cut through a material (and are moved up and down), milling bits are moved from side-to-side for pocketing, engraving, contouring, and other similar processes.

They are commonly used in woodworking and metalworking applications to shape, contour, and create various features, such as slots, pockets, and holes. End mills are capable of cutting in multiple directions, making them versatile tools for achieving precise cuts and intricate designs.

What are the Most Used End Mills?

The most commonly used end mills have either two or four flutes. Flutes are the deep helical grooves on the surface of the mill bit, responsible for channeling chips away from the workpiece. 

Two-flute end mills are ideal for general-purpose milling tasks, providing good chip evacuation and stability. On the other hand, four-flute end mills offer increased tool strength and higher feed rates, making them suitable for heavy-duty operations and materials that tend to work harden.

What is the Difference Between a Mill and an End Mill?

While the terms "mill" and "end mill" are often used interchangeably, it is important to understand their distinct characteristics. 

A mill refers to a machine used for material removal in various directions, including vertical and horizontal cutting. It is a broader term that encompasses different types of cutting tools. 

On the other hand, an end mill is a specific type of mill bit designed with cutting edges on the bottom and sides. End mills are typically used for precise operations and can be inserted into a milling machine or a CNC router to achieve specific milling tasks.

What is the Difference Between Ball Nose and End Mills?

Ball nose and end mills are two common types of end mills that differ in their cutting geometries and applications. End mills, also known as square end mills, have a flat cutting surface at the bottom and square corners. 

They are versatile and widely used for general milling purposes. The straight edges of end mills enable them to create sharp corners and straight walls in the machined material.

In contrast, ball nose end mills have a rounded end that resembles a ball. 

The rounded tip of the tool allows for smooth and gradual curves, making them ideal for 3D contouring, engraving, and sculpting operations. Ball nose end mills are particularly useful for creating complex shapes and contours, as they can reach into tight corners and create smooth transitions.

Milling Bits For Drill Presses, Routers, and CNC Machining

When you need a durable end mill bit, you should work with only the best bits that are designed to last. It’s no secret that the milling industry has grown tremendously over the last decade.

To stay ahead of the curve, our team works endlessly to provide high-quality end mill bits. These are designed to empower professionals and hobbyists to achieve their desired — and often creative — outcome.

In order to find the perfect mill bits for your operations, you must consider:

  • Your processes
  • The needs of your business
  • The materials you work with
  • The required end mill bit size
  • The required milling bit shape
  • The required mill bit material, coatings, and finishes

The Advantage of Carbide End Mills

Carbide milling bits offer superior efficiency, speed range, and rigidity as compared to other end mill bit materials. While they tend to offer a comparable cutting edge, they’re capable of withstanding greater machining temperatures, making them ideal for even the most demanding workshop and factory environments.

The Best Milling Bit Sets

On the topic of carbide mill bits, these Minicut VHI Carbide End Mills are designed to offer excellent performance and value. They’re perfect for a variety of applications, including precision machining, die cutting, and more. With their sharp cutting edges and high-quality construction, they can handle even the most challenging tasks.

Precise Brand End Mill Bits

The Precise 4-Piece M42 Cobalt Coarse Tooth Roughing Single End Mill Set is perfect for anyone who wants to start roughing their workpieces. This set comes with four different mill sizes, so you can find the right one for the job.

Made with cobalt steel, these mills are durable and long-lasting. They also have a coarse tooth design that quickly removes material from your workpiece.

Precise Tin-Coated Milling Bits

​​Meanwhile, this Precise 20 Piece 3mm to 20mm HSS Tin Coated Single End Mill Set is a great addition to any tool collection. The high-quality steel construction ensures that these mills last for years, while the tin coating helps protect them from wear and tear.

They are ideal for use with metals and many other materials. This set includes 20 different sizes, so you can find the perfect mill for any job.

Find the Best End Mills for Sale at Penn Tool Co.

At Penn Tool Co., our impressive collection features end mill bits of various lengths, diameters, flutes, and types. This empowers you to find the ideal milling bits for your workshop or factory. 

Engrave, pocket, contourcontouring, and otherwise shape your workpiece with precision and efficiency. To find the best end mills for your wood- or metalworking operations, reach out to our team today.