Fisso 3D Articulating Arms with Magnetic Base - 18416

Brand:   Fisso
Approx. Holding Power 168 lbs.
Arm Radius of Movement 11"/280mm
Magnetic Base Size 60 x 50 x 55mm
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Fisso 3D Articulating Arms with Magnetic Base  - 18416

Made in Switzerland

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FISSO articulated arms can be positioned in any way desired both easily and precisely. All three arm sections can be fixed and moved with the central tightening knob.
The quick lock ensures a high degree of comfort for the user. A short twist is all that is required to operate the infinitely adjustable clamping system. As a result, work is speeded up and made more efficient.
Main System Features:
  • Powerful and permanent clamping. The friction clamp is based on an infinitely adjustable and purely mechanical clamping system. Its precisely fitting ball-and-socket joint produces a high degree of static friction which ensures maximum stability. The pre-tension prevents the arm from collapsing unexpectedly, which protects sensitive measuring instruments from damage.
  • Precise microfine adjustment. Made of high-quality steel, the zero-play fine adjustment ensures precise positioning of the gauging instrument and a high degree of measuring precision and repeatable accuracy. Combined holder for dial gauges and electronic length probes with shaft diameters of 8mm (or 3/8") and gauges with dovetails.
  • Cleverly designed central tightening system. Three joints can be fixed and moved in five different directions with a single touch. The purely mechanical and infinitely adjustable central tightening system with the quick lock offers the greatest possible ease of operation.
  • Stability. The precisely fitting in the ball-and-socket joint produces a great deal of static friction. Generously dimensioned components provide the desired stability.
  • Secure, stable bases. A safe, stable base provides the essential foundation for precise measurements. The articulated arms can be mounted as desired, on a strong magnet, vacuum or a granite sliding base.
  • Maximum stability ergonomic design.
  • Arm section has central clamping mount, fully self-contained.
  • Constructed with one-piece light alloy sections
  • Pretensioning is infinitely adjustable.
  • Modern styling.
  • Sturdy size.
  • 11 inch radius of action.
  • 12 inch reach.
  • Accepts dovetail test indicators and 3/8" dia. stems (8mm bushing available upon request).

    Model No. 18416, Special Alloy Arm on ON/OFF Magnetic Base.




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WARNING: This Product Can Expose You To Materials And/Or Chemicals Which Are Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer And/Or Reproductive Harm.

Fisso 3D Articulating Arms with Magnetic Base - 18416

Fisso 3D Articulating Arms with Magnetic Base - 18416

Fisso 3D Articulating Arms with Magnetic Base - 18416