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Flexbar- Unique Products Innovative Solutions

Representing some of the best manufacturers of precision tools, replica/casting materials, optical inspection equipment, machine safety equipment and various other industrial tooling, Flexbar has made a name for itself within the metalworking community.  New and unique gages are something that its president, Jon Adler, has certainly made his mission.  Providing customers with the best tools and supplies that when branded with the name Flexbar you know you are getting a quality tool.  The name is easy to remember and Penn Tool Co., has been distributing Flexbar's line of tooling to satisfied metalworking throughout the United States for many years. Flexbar's Reprorubber self cures in minutes and makes exceptional casting replicas of internal as well as external models of the part being worked on.  Its non-toxic formula makes it a safe and easy way to make replicas.  So much faster than using RTV Silicones.  Reprorubber is the definite choice for checking parts when using your optical comparator or any other inspection application.  When speed and accuracy count, choose Flexbar's Reprorubber line to get your job done.  They also carry the finest grade of proofing alloys that are reusable and low melting.    If OSHA is coming by your plant to do a safety check you can be sure that Flexbar has the machine safety guards that will fit your need.  Flexbar has safety guards for Lathes, Milling Machines, Band Saws, and a multitude of other universal machine safety guards to protect you while working on the shop floor.  Flexbar has the solution to all your industrial needs and Penn Tool Co., carries the full line of their products.  They have the unique product and the innovative solution you are looking for.


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