Fowler High Precision


Fowler High Precision Tools and Instruments- A Standard of Quality and Accuracy.  

The Fred V. Fowler Company was established in Newton Massachusetts in 1946 by its founder and namesake Fred Fowler.  In the years since its inception, the name Fowler has been synonymous with High Quality Precision Tooling catering to the Metalworking Community and Manufacturing.  Globally recognized, Fowler Tools supplies quality inspection, leveling, measuring instruments, and control calibration equipment.  In recent years since President/CEO David Francis has taken over as CEO of this High Quality Tool Co., it was felt that the name Fowler High Precision better described what was being sold through its network of dedicated distributors.  The Fred V. Fowler Co now goes by the name of Fowler High Precision and the name is very fitting to the kind of tooling that Fowler is currently producing.  Some of the best measuring equipment under the trade names of Wyler, Bowers, Sylvac and Trimos are distributed through Fowler High Precision as well as it economy line of tools sold under Fowlers Tool-A-Thon which is put out several times throughout the year.  Fowler most popular and new products are featured in the Tool-A-Thon at discounted prices making the promotion hugely popular and anticipated by machinists and metalworkers around the globe.  Fowler's High Precision Tools include the best calipers, micrometers, indicators, height gages, bore gages and many more high quality measuring and inspecting instruments.  The Fowler slogan stills stands true today more than ever.  They truly are "Standard of Quality and Accuracy"