General Video Inspection System

Brand:   General Tools & Instruments
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DCS-200 2.4" (70mm) Color LCD screen for crystal clear image.
DCS-300 3.5" (88.9mm) Color LCD screen for superb clarity and viewing effect.
0.47"(12mm) diameter camera-tipped probe is flexible and strong with built-in adjustable LED lighting and is slim enough to perform automotive engine check up.
Flexible probe retains configured shape to suit different inspection needs.
Probe length: Standard: 39.4"
Optional: up to 32.8ft.
View findings instantaneously.
Mirror, magnet and pick-up hook.


Resolution: 320 x 234 Pixels

Field od Depth: .98" to 11.8"

Field of View: 60º

Light Source: Two adjustable LED's

Power Source" 1 9V battery
General Video Inspection System

General Video Inspection System

General Video Inspection System