Gerstner Chests from Gerstner & Sons and Gerstner International

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Over 100 Years of Producing Fine Wood Chests and Cases

The Gerstner family has been making fine tool boxes and chests for more than a century. Their commitment to quality and craftsmanship is evident in every piece they produce. From their humble beginnings as a small, local business, they have grown into a world-renowned manufacturer of high-quality tool chests and boxes.

The History of Gerstner & Sons

>Gerstner & Sons has deep roots in Dayton, Ohio. Harry Gerstner started the company in 1906 and named it after his father, Herman Gerstner.

The company, H. Gerstner & Sons, was born, and with the hope that one day Harry would have sons of his own to whom he could pass down the company. He felt the name had a regal tone to it and sounded established even though it was a fairly new company.

His philosophy was that a chest is “A place for everything and everything in its place,” a concept that drives them to this day. Exceptional workmanship has always been the number one priority for both US-made Gerstner & Sons cases and international tool chests from Gerstner International.

Gerstner vs Gerstner International: What is the Difference?

Gerstner International chests are not made in the USA, but are high-quality tool boxes nonetheless. With many years of experience in the business, Gerstner searched the world far and wide to partner with manufacturers outside the United States who would make tool chests that would uphold the trademarked Gerstner name.

They seemed to have gotten it right. Today, the most popular chest sold is the GI-T24 11-Drawer Oak Top Chest.

What to Expect with a Gerstner International Tool Chest

Gerstner International chests are economically priced tool chests that still bear the name of Gerstner. While imported from outside the USA, you would still be proud to have this box in any tool room, home, or workplace.

Though you may think these boxes are mainly for holding tools, we have been told that many people opt to put expensive jewelry in them. Their boxes are just that reliable and elegant!

Gerstner Tool Boxes

A Gerstner USA made chest is an investment. You invest in the prized collection, valuable tools or precious treasures you keep inside it. You also invest in the finest materials and craftsmanship, so you can enjoy a lifetime of dependable use from something worth passing down through the generations. A Gerstner is built with carefully selected hardwoods and veneers that provide a moisture-free environment for the proper storage of your precision tools. Even after decades of daily use, a Gerstner Chest often maintains a value equal to or greater than its original cost.

Gerstner & Sons was founded on the belief that a journeyman’s reputation is built upon the professionalism that he brings to his work. Gerstner Tool Chests always have and will continue to be used by men and women who take great pride in their work, their tools and their professionalism. We believe that each and every wood chest we build is a keystone in our reputation, and with every product that passes through our hands, we aim to embody our logo: Craftsmanship Lives. We take great pride in our people, our products and the many professionals we serve.

Every USA built chest includes:

  • A Hand Rubbed lacquer finish applied in 3 final finishing stages.
  • American Made – a Gerstner is a testament to the fact that American craftsmanship can be the finest in the world. Beginning with the finest kiln dries hardwoods, over 100 separate construction and finishing operations are performed.
  • Hand-Fitted Drawers and panels – each drawer is shaped, planed and fitted by hand to insure an exact fit and smooth operation. Tongue and groove joinery insures structural durability.
  • Heavy Duty Polished Hardware - All hardware parts are designed for a lifetime of protection, service, and beauty.
  • Felt-Lined Drawers and Storage Compartments – provides protection against moisture and abrasions for your tools.
  • Front Closing and locking lid – select models. Provides security when your item is locked.
  • Woods and Color Options – Golden Oak, American Cherry and Natural Walnut. See specifications on each model for available options.

An example is this 2610 Journeyman Chest, a beautifully crafted chest that is perfect for storing your tools. This chest is made from Golden Oak hardwood and is finished with a rich, dark stain that gives it a classic look.

The chest has four drawers and features full-extension drawer slides for easy access to your tools. The drawer pulls and corner protectors are plated with polished chrome, and the padded top handle offers maximum portability.

Store in Style with Gerstner Chests from Penn Tool Co.

The elegant storage solutions contribute a timeless sophistication to any garage, machine shop, or workspace. Better still, their product line is as diverse as it is robust.

At Penn Tool Co., we’re honored to be one of the few authorized distributors of Gerstner machinist tool boxes. We are sure that either one would give you complete satisfaction when organizing for your next project.

We’d be happy to help you find your perfect match. For more information on the best Gerstner & Sons and Gerstner International chests for your needs, reach out to our team today.