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Gerstner & Sons. & Gerstner International

Over 100 years of producing Fine Wood Chests and Cases

Gerstner & Sons has its deep roots in Dayton Ohio. Back in 1906 is when Harry Gerstner started the company and named it after his father Herman Gerstner. The company H. Gerstner & Sons was born with the hope that one day Harry would have sons of his own to pass down the company to. He felt the name had a regal tone to it and sounded established even though it was a fairly new company. His philosophy was a chest was “A place for everything and everything in its place.” A concept that is carried over to this day. The #1 priority has always been quality and workmanship and that is foremost in both the USA made Gerstner & Sons or imported Gerstner International Tool Chests.

Gerstner vs Gerstner International?   What is the difference?

Gerstner International chests are not made in USA, but a quality tool box nonetheless.  Through years of experience in the business, Gerstner searched the world far and wide to partner with manufactures outside the United States who would make tool chests that would uphold the trademarked Gerstner name.  They seemed to have gotten it right and today the most popular chest sold is the GI-T24 11-Drawer Oak Top Chest.What do you get when you purchase a Gerstner International Tool Chest?  It’s an economically priced tool chest that still bears the name of Gerstner.  While imported from outside the USA, you would still be proud to have this box in any tool room or home for that matter.  While you may think these boxes are mainly for holding tools, we have been told many people opt to put expensive jewelry in them.  They are just that nice of a box!

Penn Tool Co. is one a few authorized distributors of Gerstner & Sons. & Gerstner International Fine Wood Chests and Cases.  We are sure that either one would give you complete satisfaction for whatever you are using them for.