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The Impulse Excitation Technique

More than 50 years ago Jozef Lemmens created the GrindoSonic Testing Machine and since that time it has become the best known device for Non Destructive Testing based on Impulse Excitation Techique. (IET)

Non Destructive testing offers great benefits as it evaluates properties of a material without causing damage to the workpiece.  It has become the tool of choice in the Brake Pad Industry, testing for cracks and abnormalities.   With the accuracy of a GrindoSonic Testing Machine hundreds of thousands of dollars are saved by detecting the smallest cracks that other testing machines are in no way capable of doing.  With more than 1500 GrindoSonic units in place worldwide, it has certainly made its mark as the gold standard in Non Destructive Testing.  Penn Tool Co. is the only company in the United States that has the license to the sell GrindoSonic Testing Machines.  If you have an older unit that needs parts or you are looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest machine (MK7), Penn Tool Co., can help you select what is right for you.  Please contact Penn Tool Co., to discuss your Non Destructive Testing needs and to schedule a live video demonstration.

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