Guardair Material Mover Vacuum

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Guardair Material Mover Vacuum

Powered by compressed air, the Guardair Material Mover is a portable, in-line vacuum system developed to transport materials from point A to point B. Featuring a 2.5" diameter throat, the lightweight, easy-to-handle Material Mover is ideal for moving seed, grains, corn, beans, plastic pellets, or other dry materials. Perfect for cleaning out agricultural equipment including combines and seeders, or moving material into storage bins or silos. Minimizes damage to transported materials and reduces waste. No moving parts or motor to burn out.

Available in two versions – 4 Nozzle (83 cfm) designed for a 100 cfm in-plant, compressor, and 8 Nozzle (165 cfm) designed for a 185 cfm tow-behind compressor. Both versions available in standard or static (electricity) conductive configurations.


  • Rugged, aluminum and steel components
  • Adjustable, output deflector
  • Versatile, steel cradle
  • 15', 2.5" diameter flexible vacuum hose*
  • 5' polycarbonate vacuum wand*
  • 3/4" Chicago-style coupler
  • *Static conductive vacuum hose and aluminum vacuum wand featured on static conductive units.

General Info:

  • Vac ID 2.5"
  • Temperature Rating 150˚F (based on Vacuum Hose)
  • Recommended Air Supply Hose 3/4" ID
  • Inlet Connection 3/4" FNPT (Chicago-Style Coupler)

Performance Specifications:

Model MM400 MM800
Air Usage (CFM) 83 @ 90 PSI (100 CFM Compressor) 165 @ 90 PSI (185 CFM Compressor)
Vacuum Flow (CFM) 360 491
Vacuum Lift (In H20) 33 62
Sound Level (dBA) 110 (Measured Indoors @ 3 FT) 112 (Measured Indoors @ 3 FT)

Vacuum Rates for Grains:

Vacuum Unit 4 Nozzle 8 Nozzle
Air Usage (CFM) 83 165
Vacuum Rate, Corn (lbs/min) 63 90
Vacuum Rate, Wheat (lbs/min) 49 81
Guardair Material Mover Vacuum

Guardair Material Mover Vacuum

Guardair Material Mover Vacuum