Heinrich Self-Centering Vises

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Heinrich Self-Centering Vises

Heinrich Self-Centering Vises, with piston type air cylinders, will accommodate dimensional variation in workpieces and odd-shaped parts, when the machining operation requires the location of an exact relative center or other predetermined point. Offered as an attachment for each vise is a set of interlocking, hardened and ground, horizontal V-jaws. The vises, when fitted with the standard V-Jaws, will with one setup, automatically center round stock varying in size. This considerably reduces set-up time in center drilling, chamfering, boring, and a wide range of machining operations. Vises may also be fitted with special false jaws to correctly position irregularly shaped parts.

Heinrich Self-Centering Air Vises automatically center in this manner:

Each of two opposing jaws is actuated directly by a double-acting piston type air cylinder on both sides of the vise. Jaws are mounted on hardened and ground parallel bars to maintain accurate jaw alignment. The jaws are connected by a gear and rack assembly concealed in the vise base so that they move together equally on both sides of the center, within an accuracy of .001". This mechanism is fully protected from dirt, chips and coolant. No pressure is transmitted through the centering device, which serves only to guarantee uniformity of jaw travel. Double acting air cylinders provide full travel of the jaw opening and return of the jaws under air pressure. The amount of jaw return may be regulated by adjusting the length of the threaded stop rods attached to the back of each jaw. The rods stop against the vise body casting when the jaws are in the opening position.

Interlocking Horizontal V-Jaws


Item No. Capacity (round) Min/Max:
# 2219
(for DA-2200)
1/4" / 1-3/4"
# 6619
(for DA-6600)
1" / 5"
# 8819
(for DA-8800)
2" / 9"


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WARNING: This Product Can Expose You To Materials And/Or Chemicals Which Are Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer And/Or Reproductive Harm.

Self-Centering Vise

Heinrich Self-Centering Vises

Heinrich Self-Centering Vises