Hertel Metalworking Products

Hertel™ is a brand of cutting tools used in machine shops of all sizes, and all over the world. In fact, Hertel™ products have been a trusted name in the metalworking industry for more than 65 years!

These tools are designed for use in projects both large and small. This makes them reliable for amateurs in home workshops, and professionals in industrial operations.

At Penn Tool Co., we offer an expansive selection of rugged and reliable Hertel™ tools. Here, you can find the perfect cutting and workholding tools for your next metalworking project.

Hertel Cutting Tools

Hertel™ produces metalworking equipment for nearly every aspect of cutting a workpiece. Even better, with diverse variants available, you can work with a variety of metals.

This versatility results in exceptional applicability. These tools are effective in an abundance of industrial & commercial metalworking operations, including:

  • Holemaking
  • Milling
  • Threading
  • Toolholding
  • Workholding

This is largely the reason for their widespread use throughout and across metalworking industries. Once you discover the brand’s superior performance, you’re guaranteed to try out their other products!

Hertel Holemaking Sets

Here, you can find both Hertel Screw Machine Length Drill Sets and Hertel Jobber Length Drill Sets. These holemaking products boast superior wear resistance when making holes in soft metals, mild steels, and harder materials.

Particularly, these drills are ideal for use with high-tensile alloys, cast iron, titanium, high-nickel stainless steel, and Inconel. A 118° point offers quick penetration, while the 135°, self-centering, split point prevents the tool or workpiece from “walking.”

Available in sets of 25 to 115 pieces, you’re certain to find the perfect fit for your workshop. Even better, they’re furnished in a metal or plastic case for improved durability and portability.

Hertel Lathe Chucks and Lathe Chuck Adapters

At Penn Tool Co., we practically specialize in Hertel™ workholding products. Our curated catalog includes the strongest clamping, workholding, & positioning tools in the Hertel™ catalog.

For example, these Hertel Manual Lathe Chucks for Self-Centering, Nominal Chucks offer precision machining that’s perfect for any application. With a Through-Hole Diameter of 1.298 decimal-inches, these provide superior performance and accuracy when operating on a workpiece.

Meanwhile, if you require a reliable set of back plates for your chuck, consider these Hertel Lathe Chuck Adapter Back Plates for Size 10, Adjustable, Self-Centering, Nominal Chucks. They’re adjustable and self-centering, empowering with greater control over ensuring that your work is done properly.

Cut with Confidence with Hertel Products from Penn Tool Co.

Amateur and professional metalworkers require access to a workshop with diverse types of tools & equipment. You can empower your operators to cut with confidence by supplying them with Hertel™ products from Penn Tool Co.

Why should you source your metalworking, shaping, holding, and finishing tools from us? Because we curate our catalog by relying on over 50 years of experience in the industry!

Even better, we’re collaborative professionals who get delighted at any opportunity to help other metalworkers produce their best work. To find the perfect Hertel™ tools for your workshop, reach out to our team today.