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Huot - Tool Storage Systems - Family owned and Made in America

Huot is the trusted name in storage systems for cutting tools since 1926.  Eugene Huot started the company in Minnesota and the reigns have been passed down through the generations to William Huot and Peter Huot.  Family owned and Made in America is a combination that is not found too often these days.  This union of family and having their products made here makes the company very special in a number of ways.  Being a family owned business you can be sure that there is so much care and pride in the manufacturing process of the Huot line of cutting tool storage.  The fact that it is made in America not only makes it much better made than some import, but also helps our economy with creating jobs.  With this company being close to 100 years old, you can be sure they are doing something right.  Huot Tool Storage Systems are designed with lots of thought in the applications they will be used for.  When you are on your shop or factory floor, to be efficient you have to have your cutting tools at arms length and organized to get things done in a timely manner.  Huot Storage Systems make that possible with a multitude of products from very small drill indexes to large mobile units under the trade name Toolscoot.  These units make it possible to have your CNC Tooling rolling along side of you and ready at a moment's notice.   Penn Tool Co., carries the full line of Hout Tool Storage Systems for drill bits, taps, reamers, inserts, end mills, collets, CNC Tooling, and Turret Tooling.  We feel that Huot has the best cutting tool storage systems that are available.  You are going to save time and be more organized.  That equals increased productivity and more money in your pocket.  How could you go wrong?  Hout, Family Owned and Made in USA!

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