Hydmech Band Saws come with a "Rock Solid Pledge"

A Polish immigrant named Stan Jasinski founded Hydmech in Ontario Canada in the late 1970's.  In the beginning Hydmech was an engineering and consulting firm that focused on the main industry in the area which was forestry.  At the time Stan could not find a saw that he felt was built correctly so he made the leap and designed a saw that he thought the market needed.  The innovative mitering saw he designed changed the direction of Hydmech and in 1980, just two short years after the company was founded, they began to producing saws very similar to what they are making today.

These days Hydmech manufactures a large range of manual, semi automatic, and fully automatic metal cutting bandsaws.  Almost 40 years have passed since Stan designed the first saw and Hydmech is now considered the worldwide leader in metal band saws, cold saws, and all sorts of metal cutting technology.  Their company is based on a quality pledge that they feel is Rock Solid.  The strive to provide the best cost per cut, so their customer saves money and gets the job done fast and efficiently.

Penn Tool Co., sells a vast range of Hydmech Saws.  One of the most popular saws is the S-20 Bandsaw and Penn Tool Co has sold a bunch of them over the years.  This unique bandsaw features the swing head design.  It offers great mitering capability.  Hydmech stands behind the products the build and has world class technicians ready to help out if any problems arise.  Hydmech is producing some of the best made saws in the United States.  They are built rock solid and can take on any metal cutting task that comes your way.