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iGaging- Enjoy Accuracy 

There are many brands to choose from when looking for quality and affordable high precision measuring tools.  Penn Tool Co., highly recommends iGaging to its customers who are looking for some of the best precision measuring tools that won't break the bank.  iGaging line of tools include calipers, micrometers, indicators, height gauges, depth gauges, bore gauges, levels, protractors, digital readouts, and many other quality measuring tools.  They are high precision import tools that are manufactured to very close tolerances, making them extremely accurate and reliable.  Many of the tools are IP67 Coolant Proof making them extra reliable in case they get wet.  There are also many gauges to choose from that are Bluetooth Enabled allowing you to transmit data without the use of cables.  iGaging is based out of San Clemente California and tools are warrantied for a year, so you can be rest assured that if a problem comes up you will be taken care of.  Penn Tool Co., carries the full line of iGaging High Precision Tools and feels this great brand will surely become one of your favorites.

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