iGaging Precision Tools at Penn Tool Co.


Precision measuring tools are vital instruments for a diverse range of industries, from manufacturing and pharmaceuticals to education and construction. Unfortunately, there are many brands to choose from when looking for affordable, high-quality, and high-precision measuring tools.

Fortunately, at Penn Tool Co., we have decades of expertise and a collaborative spirit, so you don’t have to figure it out on your own. For our money, we highly recommend iGaging to any customers who are looking for some of the best precision measuring tools that won’t break the bank.

With an expansive catalog of iGaging brand tools at your fingertips, you’re empowered to maximize accuracy in your operations. Whether you work on automobiles or in a home workshop, we can offer the solutions you’ve been looking for.

iGaging Digital Gauge Measuring Tools

iGaging is based out of San Clemente California. They are high precision import tools that are manufactured to very close tolerances, making them extremely accurate and reliable.

Better still, many of the tools are IP67 Coolant Proof making them extra-reliable in case they get wet. There are also many gauges to choose from that are Bluetooth-Enabled allowing you to transmit data without the use of cables.

At Penn Tool Co., we carry the full line of iGaging High Precision Tools, because we’re confident that this great brand will surely become one of your favorites. The iGaging line of tools include:

Automotive Tools

The beloved brand offers many exceptional measuring tools for vehicles. The iGaging Brake Drum Caliper Gage, for example, is an electronic gauge that measures brake drums in order to ensure they are within the correct specifications.

This tool is digital and easy to use, making it a valuable asset for any mechanic or automotive enthusiast. It can be used on both manual and automatic transmissions, making it a versatile tool.

Lighting, Fans & Electrical Supplies

This iGaging 4x Magnifier & 8x Spot LED Light is a great tool to have around the shop. The light is really bright and it makes it easy to see what you’re working on.

The magnifier is also really clear and it’s easy to see the details of whatever you’re looking at. This light is invaluable for anyone who does a lot of work with their hands.

Optical Inspection Equipment

The iGaging 10x Pocket Optical Comparator is perfect for precision measurements and can be used to compare two objects to see if they are the same size.

The comparator has a built-in level and comes with two different lens sizes. It also has 36 LED lights so you can see your work clearly.

Precision Measuring Tools

The iGaging Zuther Xtreme Technologies Wrench iD+ is an ultra-precision tool for measuring bolt heads and nuts. Better still, it identifies and displays the exact size wrench or socket!

Ensure Accuracy with iGaging Tools from Penn Tool Co.

Tools by iGaging are warrantied for a year, so you can rest assured that if a problem comes up, you will be taken care of. To find the perfect iGaging instrument for your toolbox or workshop, reach out to our team today.