INDUSTRIAL PRESS Lean Maintenance - 3352-8

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Lean Maintenance is written for anyone in a leadership position in maintenance, storeroom or production. This unique book will also be found useful by vendors to the maintenance departments, including maintenance contractors, parts vendors, and various kinds of service providers.

A pragmatic book, Lean Maintenance will take the reader on a journey from uncovering waste, designing projects to address the waste, selling the projects to management and delivering the projects. Every area in maintenance is covered, including your TPM effort, storeroom, PM tasking, work orders and computer systems. What's more, the user will be able to immediately use this book to start the process of saving money, energy, or time within just one hour!


  • Provides examples at every step of the way to guide the reader.
  • Includes forms and check lists for successful Lean projects.
  • Offers the reader the ability to design and execute a savings project within a day.
INDUSTRIAL PRESS Lean Maintenance - 3352-8

INDUSTRIAL PRESS Lean Maintenance - 3352-8

INDUSTRIAL PRESS Lean Maintenance - 3352-8