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Interapid Indicators at Penn Tool Co.

At Penn Tool Co., we’re proud to be one of a select few distributors that offer Interapid indicators throughout the United States. Interapid is a brand of precision measuring instruments that we have been carrying for many years.

Made in Switzerland, Interapid horizontal and vertical test indicators are considered some of the best in the world. The Swiss have long been known for their attention to detail when producing some of the finest watches in the world.

The same is true with Interapid and their line of test indicators. Their exceptional quality can be seen as soon as you hold one of these fine instruments in your hand.

What is an Interapid Indicator?

An Interapid indicator, like other dial test indicators, is used to measure the clearances, tolerances, and tolerance variation of machined parts in either a vertical or horizontal position. This ensures accuracy in mechanical and industrial operations.

However, unlike other indicators, an Interapid dial test indicator stands out for its incredible craftsmanship. When looking at one, it almost feels like you’re seeing a Rolex Watch.

Once you place one in your hand and use one in your shop, it will be very hard to convince you to try another brand. With Interapid, Switzerland raised the bar for mechanical engineering yet again.

What is the Difference Between a Dial Indicator and a Dial Test Indicator?

Dial indicators and dial test indicators differ in several ways, starting with the physical distinctions. Generally smaller and lighter than dial indicators, test indicators tend to use lever-style contacts, while dial indicators utilize plunger-style contacts.

There is some minor overlap in which either tool can serve a specific purpose, but they are typically used in distinct applications. Dial indicators, for example, are ideal for taking repetitive measurements and making comparisons, while test indicators measure variations in height, flushness, and circularity over a broad surface.

Who Owns Interapid?

Interapid is owned by their parent company Hexagon Metrology, and all of their products are still made in Switzerland. The Interapid product line is not huge, but it consists of a carefully crafted collection of calipers and test indicators.

You can be sure that, when buying Interapid, you are getting the best precision measuring instrument around. This reliability empowers you to boost profitability by ensuring consistent and uniform production.

When outfitting your workshop, factory, or warehouse with precision measuring instruments, you must ensure that you’re investing in equipment that amplifies productivity and output. The Interapid Indicator 312B-2, for instance, has an established reputation for unparalleled performance.

Boost Precision with Interapid Indicators from Penn Tool Co.

Regardless of the market, any industrial workshop requires an exceptional degree of precision in their operations. Variations in your products can upset customers, impact sales, and jeopardize your reputation.

This is why, at Penn Tool Co., we recommend Interapid dial test indicators. The incredible craftsmanship in their manufacturing produces a measuring instrument that is accurate, durable, and reliable.

Settling for a lesser measuring tool can impact your business and cost more money down the line. To find the best Interapid horizontal and vertical indicators for your industrial operations, reach out to us today.