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Interapid- Helping customers improve their quality control and increase their productivity

Interapid is a brand of precision measuring instruments that Penn Tool Co., has been carrying for many years.  Made in Switzerland, their horizontal and vertical test indicators are considered some of the best in the world.  Their fine detail to quality can be seen as soon as you hold one of these fine instruments in your hand.  The Swiss have been known for years for attention to detail and producing some of the finest watches in the world.  The same is true with Interapid and their line of test indicators.  When looking at one it almost feels like you are seeing a Rolex Watch.  Once you place one in your hand and use one in your shop, it will be very hard to convince you to try another brand.  Especially a cheap test indicator made in China.  You get what you pay for.  The Interapid product line is not huge.  It consists of a select line of calipers and test indicators.  All still made in Switzerland and owned by the parent company Hexagon Metrology.  You can be sure when buying Interapid you are getting the best precision measuring instrument around.  Penn Tool Co., is proud to be one of a select few distributors selling Interapid throughout the United States.  Try one of these and we are sure you won't be disappointed.

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