JET CNC Vertical Turret Milling Machines JTM-1050EVS2 CNC, 10" x 50"

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JET CNC Vertical Turret Milling Machines JTM-1050EVS2 CNC, 10" x 50"

JTM-1050EVS2/230 Mills with 2 or 3-Axis Acu-Rite MilPwr G2 CNC Controller

JET offers complete, factory-installed CNC packages with your choice of 2 or 3-axis CNC controls. The Computer Numerical Control system brings the added precision of digital automation to the process, allowing the user greater control and efficiency. Meehanite® casted JET Vertical Mills with CNC packages deliver accurate results every time. All the features you've come to expect backed by the industry-leading JET Two Year Warranty.


  • CNC Electronic Variable Speed Vertical Milling Machine Package JTM-1050EVS
  • Features of the ACU-RITE MILLPWR G2 CNC Package
  • Precision Ground Ball Screws eliminate backlash for precice lateral movements
  • Closed loop feedback using Acu-Rite precision linear encoders with 0.00005" resolution
  • Powerful DC Servo motor assemblies that include mounting castings and hardware
  • Handwheels are included for manual operation
  • USB + Ethernet compatible
  • Simplified navigation that eliminates multiple menu screens
  • 12.1" High resolution display (1024 x 768) with 3D graphics
  • 1 GHz Celeron® M processor
  • Expanded tool library and Datum offsets
  • Program preview provides a graphical representation prior to operation
  • Progam size limit increased by 90% to 9,999 steps
  • Jog Control allows table movement, quickly from one location to another - using one axis at a time or any two axes simultaneously
  • 3-D Contouring, ability to import and run G-code files from CAD/CAM programs
  • Mirror/Repeat/Rotate/Explode/Merge, easily manipulate, explode and merge part programs to save time and reduce program steps
  • Menu-prompted Conversational programming, easily create part programs, edit, reverse, change, delete and copy/move steps - follow the menu prompts and let MILLPWR G2 do the rest
  • Built-in Calculator, perform standard, trig and geometry calculations and transfer them directly into part programs
  • Custom Pockets and Islands utilize the new optimized path and ramp feed features
  • Circles including the Pocket, Frame, Ring and Helix incorporate the new ramp feed feature
  • May be used automatically or manually for ultimate shop versatility
  • Available offline software
  • Estimated runtime feature


Model JTM-1050EVS2 CNC JTM-1050EVS2 CNC
Item Number 690675 690676
Number of Axis 2 3
Table Size (L x W) 10" x 50"
Spindle Taper (In. x TPI) R-8
Quill Diameter 3-3/8"
Number of Spindle Speeds Variable
Range of Spindle Speeds (RPM) 60 - 4,500
Quill Down Feed Rates (IPR) .0015 - .003 - .006
Spindle Travel 5"
Head Movement (Deg.) 90° R & L, 45° F & B
Max Distance Spindle to Table 20-3/4"
Distance Spindle to Column (Max.) 26-3/4"
Distance Spindle to Column (Min.) 4-3/4"
Collet Capacity 1/8 - 7/8
Table Longitudinal Travel 35-1/3"
Table Longitudinal Travel With Powerfeed 29-7/8"
Table Cross Travel 14-3/4"
T-Slots Number and Size 3 and 5/8"
T-Slot Centers 2-1/2"
Work Table Weight Capacity 840 lbs.
Travel of Knee 16-1/8"
Travel of Ram 15-7/8"
Column Width 20"
Saddle Width 11-1/2"
Inverter Type Delta, B
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 66" x 63" x 87"
Motor (HP) 3 HP, 230V, 3Ph
Weight 2860 lbs.
JET CNC Vertical Turret Milling Machines JTM-1050EVS2 CNC, 10" x 50"

JET CNC Vertical Turret Milling Machines JTM-1050EVS2 CNC, 10" x 50"

JET CNC Vertical Turret Milling Machines JTM-1050EVS2 CNC, 1…