Kalamazoo Industries Inc.


Kalamazoo Industries, Inc - Quality Durability Made in U.S.A.

Located in Kalamazoo Michigan, Kalamazoo Industries, Inc has been making metalworking machinery right here in U.S.A. since 1960.  While many companies have opted to relocate manufacturing facilities outside the United States, Kalamazoo Industries, Inc still designs and make their machinery right here.  Scott Allen is the President of the company and prides himself on making the best metalworking machinery available in the United States.  Each machine is thoroughly thought out in the design phase and meticulously put together when the final product is manufactured.  If you are looking for some of the best abrasive cut-off saws, belt sanders, 5C fixtures, dust collectors, disc sanders and vibratory finishers there is no better brand to look at then Kalamazoo Industries, Inc.  It should be your 1st choice when looking for American Made Machinery and Penn Tool Co., carries everything they make.