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Kanetec Magbore Portable Magnetic Drill Press

Product Description


Kanetec Portable Magnetic Drill Press - KCD-MN1

Portable Drill Stand

What more could you ask for then the portability of a hand held drill with the accuracy of a drill press?  Take your machine shop on the road.  No more lugging heavy drill presses around to the job site.  Now you have a reliable and portable way to use your electric drill in a fixed position.  The Kanetec Magbore can even be used on metal plates as thin as 1/5".  Magnetically secure your drill into position in the toughest of places easily!

*Drill pictured not included 

  • Compact lightweight, easy to carry and maneuver. Once set, it holds positively for the most precise drill positioning.
  • Simple, strong and easy, magnetically attracts or releases, even on plates as thin as 1/5th inch.(5mm).
  • Weight just over 12 lbs.(w/o drill) yet solid and firm enough for precise drilling.

Power requirements:
(Single phase)..........AC 110-120v
Magnet dimentions......4"dia. X 2-3/8"
Overall size(without drill)..Width 9" Height 9.5" lowered
Holding power of magnet......770 LBS. measured on 1" thick mild steel
Maximum stroke...............3.9"

Click to see Drills for use with this Drill Press:

Brand: Kanetec