Kant Twist Clamp Manufacturing Inc.

Kant Twist

Kant-Twist Clamp Manufacturing Inc. 

Made in USA since 1973 Kant Twist Clamps have become commonplace in machine shops throughout the world. Especially within metalworking, welding, assembly and manufacturing industries. The clamps basically all do the same thing, which is workholding.  However, there a slight differences in each clamp which can be beneficial for specific needs.  The Standard "T" Handle Clamps are multi purpose combining the best features of ordinary "C" and parallel clamps.  Some have deeper throats for a deep grab on clamped pieces.  If there is a situation where there is a magnetic issue, there are stainless steel clamps to get around that problem.  If you need to hold softer object, Kant-Twist has a No-Mar Clamp to grab on without damaging the object in question.  The unique 3-Jaw Clamp is perfect for welding.  In Kant-Twist offers Weaver Handles to assist in tightening the clamp and be easy on your hand.  Penn Tool Co., offer the full spectrum of Kant-Twist Clamps by Clamp Mfg.  If you have a unique workholding situation, Kant-Twist most certainly has a Clamp for you!