Keller ECO Tramp Oil Skimmers

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Keller ECO Tramp Oil Skimmers

Keeps Coolant Clean

Economical Tramp Oil Coalescer with Electric Pumps for Coolant with Minimal Solids Content

Get These Benefits:

  • Inexpensive
  • Dramatically increase coolant life = Much less machine downtime, greatly reduced coolant purchase & disposal costs
  • Circulates and aerates coolant

With These Exclusive Keller Features:

  • Patented permanent oil separating element, never needs changing
  • Rugged design
  • Sets up in minutes
  • Requires minimal operator attention

When to Use a Keller ECO Pump/Skimmer:

Keller ECO electrically-driven pump/skimmers offer an economical alternative to the compressed air driven TKO pump/skimmers for individual sumps, provided that the coolant has a relatively low level of suspended solids. The ECO separators are also useful in shops with limited available compressed air supply.

How the ECO Pump/Skimmer works:

An ECO pump/skimmer pumps oily coolant from the surface of a sump or supply tank, removes the tramp oil, and continuously returns the cleaned coolant at a flow rate of 180 gallons per hour. The oily coolant is pulled through a floating inlet device by a submerged pump mounted to the side of the sump or tank with the magnetic mount provided.

The patented permanent Keller oil coalescing element separates the tramp oil, and the cleaned coolant returns to the tank or sump by gravity. The oil layer collects on the top of the separator tank and is occasionally drained into a waste oil container, simply by opening the oil drain valve. No other operator attention is required.

Selecting an ECO Separator:

Two models of ECO Separators are offered: 1) The ECO 5.5 which is normally mounted on the side of a machine tool using a magnetic mount; and 2) The ECO 9.5 which is placed on the shop floor adjacent to the machine tool sump. Each ECO Separator is shipped by UPS complete, ready for setup. The customer supplies only the 115 volt supply.


Model ECO-5.5 ECO-9.5
Footprint of Separator Tank 14" x 14"
Height of Separator Tank 24" 30"
Weight (Empty) 11 lbs. 14 lbs.
Electricals 115v, 0.8 amp
Inlet Device # 555-17

(Systems include electric pump, and all hoses required to run unit)

Accessory Items:

  • # CLO-1 - “Cling-On” frame with magnets, to mount ECO-5.5 to side of machine tool
ECO 5.5 shown with CLO-1 Magnetic Mounting Bracket

Keller ECO Tramp Oil Skimmers

Keller ECO Tramp Oil Skimmers