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Keller Portable Pump/Filter Unit

Product Description


Keller Portable Pump/Filter Unit

Cleans Chips & Sludge from Coolant or Oil

Keeping Solid Level Low in Sumps:

  • Greatly increases tool life, minimizes tool breaking due to dirty fluid
  • Eliminates parts finish problems
  • Reduces burden on high pressure filter
  • Minimizes downtime and labor for manually cleaning sumps

Keller Portable PFA-1002 Unit:

  • Pulls from sump and continuously returns filtered fluid to the sump at high flow rate
  • Cleans a typical sump in minutes, then can easily be moved to the next sump
  • Air-operated — No electricals — Inherently fireproof
  • Available bag filter magnet to remove the bulk of steel & iron particles

How the PFA-1002 Works:

The PFA-1002 contains a large bag filter and a high flow 1” air operated diaphragm pump, mounted on a cart. The 8-foot inlet and outlet wands, consisting of 5 feet of flexible hose and 3 feet of rigid pipe, can access all corners of the sump. With both wands inserted in the sump, the force of the filtered liquid discharge scours the bottom of the sump to suspend chips and sludge for the pickup by the inlet wand. With 20 gallons per minute recirculation rate, the PFA-1002 cleans a typical sump in minutes and then can easily be moved to another sump and set up simply by connecting a 1/4” compressor air line.

PFA-1002 Specifications:

Flow Rate 20 gallons per minute
Compressed air requirements 5 SCFM @ 50 PSIG
Electricals None
Dimensions of cart 20" x 30"
Shipping Weight (Shipped UPS) 100 lbs.

Ordering Information:

  • # PFA-1002 - Includes all hoses, cart, and five 25 micron filter bags
  • # RCP-25 - Additional Filter Bags - Polyester felt bags, 25 microns, 5 per box
  • # RCN-100 - Additional Filter Bags - Reusable nylon mesh bags, 100 microns, 5 per box
  • # MAG-0215 - Bag Filter Magnet

Brand: Keller