Keller TKO Pump/Skimmers

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Keller TKO Pump/Skimmers

A Keller TKO Pump/Skimmer rapidly sweeps out tramp oil, cleans and aerates the entire sump.

Get these Benefits:

  • Extended tool life, improved parts finish
  • Smoke and odor eliminated
  • Multiplied coolant life = Much less machine downtime, greatly reduced coolant purchase & disposal costs

With these exclusive Keller features:

  • Patented permanent oil separating (coalescing) element, never needs changing
  • Rugged high flow 1/2” air-operated pump provides rapid tramp oil removal, circulates & aerates entire sump
  • Compact inlet device can access any pump
  • No electricals
  • Sets up in minutes – Requires minimal operator attention

The self-priming air operated pump pulls the tramp oil/coolant mixture from the surface of the sump through the floating inlet device, then through a cartridge filter which removes any chips from the fluid. The oil/coolant mixture is then pumped through the patented Keller all-plastic separator element immersed in a separator tank. The cleaned coolant continuously returns to the sump. The oil layer collects on the top of the separator tank and is occasionally drained into a waste oil container, simply by opening the oil drain valve. No other operator attention is required.

Selecting and Installing a TKO Separator:

Three models of TKO Separators are offered, to satisfy any sump size. Each TKO Separator is shipped by UPS complete, ready for setup. The customer supplies only a 1/4” compressed air line. The unit may be set on the floor adjacent to the sump, or mounted on the machine tool using the CLO-1 magnetic frame (see photo).


Item No. TKO-6 TKO-10 TKO-14
For Sump Sizes (gallon) 25-150 25-200 50-250
Footprint 14" x 14" (all models)  
Height 24" 30" 36"
Weight (empty) 35 lbs. 37 lbs. 43 lbs.
Compressed air requirements 0.5 SCFM @ 20 psig  


CLO-1 - "Cling-On" frame with magnets, to mount TKO-6 to side of machine tool

R10-3150 - Replaceable filter element, 150 micron, 10” long

BA-0475 - Optional bag filter with 5 filter bags

RAP-25 - Pack of 5 25-micron filter bags for BA-0475

Additional Inlet Devices:

  • # 555-05 - Compact floating inlet device
  • # 555-06 - Fixed inlet device (Requires only 3" diameter access hole)
  • # 555-07 - Floating inlet device
  • # 555-17 - Small floating inlet device
Keller TKO Pump/Skimmers

Keller TKO Pump/Skimmers

Keller TKO Pump/Skimmers