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Kurt DX4/DX4R CrossOver Vises

Product Description


Kurt DX4/DX4R CrossOver Vises

The evolutionary DX4 CrossOver® Vise combines all the great features of the world-renowned KURT D40 and 3400V vises, along with new state-of-the-art workholding features. DX4 CrossOver achieves new levels in precision and performance where flatness and parallelism are important and is a better vise than our own D40 in every way we measure a vise. With KURT’S commitment, the DX4 CrossOver is destined to become the go-to-vise for today's machining applications.


  • DX4 CrossOver vise is a combination of AngLock®, Pull-Type and 2 top bolt FEA designed stationary jaw. When combined they create an ultra-unique strategy for a better vise.
  • AngLock® design reduces stress on body during clamping
  • Pull-type design reduces stress on body during clamping
  • Hardened vise bed/jaw plates
  • Semi-hard steel screw
  • 80,000 psi ductile iron body, nut and movable jaw
  • 6.5" opening
  • New wider 2 bolt stationary design fastens from the top
  • Bolts & locates on 40mm, 50mm and 2" grid patterns
  • Accepts sine keys for alignment (not included)
  • Chip evacuation straight through the body
  • Screw support held in place with snap rings 
  • Groove Lock® jaw plate and workstop (Included)
  • New brush seal design makes it easier to replace
  • Includes chip guard
  • Powder coat paint is long lasting and durable 
  • Matching of the bed heights or keyway to stationary jaw (additional cost) 
  • Lifetime Iron Clad Warranty
  • Shipping Weight: 30 lbs.

Features Comparison to D40 Vise:

  • DX4 is a replacement vise to D40 vise
  • Larger opening (6.5" versus 3.75")
  • Same bed height as D40
  • Narrower body style than D40 and allows more vises on machine table
  • Updated proven bearing pack shared with the 3400 series
  • Same distance from the keyway to stationary as D40

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Clamping Force Pounds:

Torque Ft. Lbs. DX4
10 1050
20 2195
30 3485
40 4675
50 6245
60 7500

CrossOver Vise Models Available:

  • DX4 Manual
  • DX4R Manual Reverse