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Kurt Versa Lock

Manual Versatile Lock Vise, 6"

The Modular Vise For Versatile Workholding

  • Now get .0005" repeatable clamping accuracy and up to 16,000 lbs. clamping force from the worlds most versatile vise.
  • Your modular, 6 inch Kurt Versalock Vise converts in to 12 different vises at any time your changing production workholding requirements.
  • Each is pre-engineered to do the exact workholding job intended. Look what one Versa-lock vise become using simple field conversion kits.
  • Standard vise, reverse vise, short vise, short reverse vise, alt vise, reverse vise, short air vise, short reverse air vise, hydraulic vise, reversal hyd. vise, short hyd. vise, short reverse hyd. vise.

Versatile Lock (Kurt 3600 Series) Vise

  • The Versatile Lock vise is the industry’s ultimate single station CNC vise.
  • It offers ultra-precision function through these important design features
  • The original, time proven Kurt AngLock® design prevents parts from lifting upward under heavy clamping loads.
  • The “pull-type” jaw clamping reduces jaw stationary deflection by at least 80%.
  • The one piece vise body and stationary jaw provide greater strength while reducing weight.
Kurt Versa Lock

Kurt Versa Lock

Kurt Versa Lock