Laguna Tools P12|8 Panelsaw - P12-8

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Laguna Tools P12|8 Panelsaw

The P12|8 was designed to clear 8-ft. material using a 12" blade. This means that when you finish your stroke, the back end of your sheet will just have cleared the blade, causing no friction as the blade is spinning down.The 102" sliding table is constructed of anodized aluminum. The dumbbell design is widely recognized as the superior choice for high-end sliders today. Ultra-smooth movement allows you to move the table effortlessly.


  • Motor: 5HP Main
  • Motor: 3/4 HP Scoring
  • Volt: 220, 1 phase, 60 Hz.
  • Blade Capacity: 12", 14"/300mm, 355mm
  • Max. Blade: 16"/400mm (minimum height when lowered: 1"/25mm)
  • Max Scoring Blade: 4-3/4"/120mm
  • Scoring Adjustment: T-Handle through Cast Top


The European style 51" rip fence consists of a heavy-duty casting riding on a micro-polished solid steel bar. On the backside of the casting is a small adjustable wheel to make sideways movement a breeze. The rip fence is outfitted with a micro adjustment for fine-tuning; simply lock it in place and adjust fence incrementally.

The overhead guard comes standard with quick-change 90° and 45° guards; you can switch from one to the other in a matter of seconds. A nice detail is the swing-away function that allows you to quickly move the guard out of the way. Dust collection hookup is out of the way at the end of gantry (5").

The heavy-duty anodized aluminum crosscut fence features two solid flip-stops, telescoping function (max 108"), 45° miter and is ergonomically designed to make it easier to read the tape.

Inside the P12|8 you will find heavy castings, solid gears and precision-machined trunnions mounted onto the solid steel frame.

The heavy-duty motor is equipped with soft start to minimize initial amperage draw.

The P12/8 comes standard with hold-down clamp, rip shoe, and push handle.


Motor 5 HP Main
Motor 3/4 HP Scoring
Volt 220, 1 Phase, 60 Hz
Blade Capacity 12", 14"/300mm, 355mm
Max. Blade 16"/400mm (minimum height when lowered: 1"/25mm)
Max Scoring Blade 4-3/4"/120mm
Scoring Adjustment T-Handle through Cast Top
Arbor 30mm (Main), 20mm (Scoring)
Max Cutting Height 90° 14″/355mm Blade 4-1/2"/115mm
Max Cutting Height 90° 16″/400mm Blade 5-1/8"/130mm
Max Cutting Height 45° 14″/355mm Blade 2-3/4"/70mm
Max Cutting Height 45° 16″/400mm Blade 3-1/2"/90mm
Main Blade Speed 4000 RPM
Dust Collection Port Saw 4.75" (120mm)
Dust Collection Port Guard 4" (100mm)
Sliding Table 102.36" (2600mm)
Sliding Table Width 14.88" (378mm)
Main Cast Table 21-1/2" x 35-1/4"
Rip Fence 51" (1300mm)
Rip Fence Micro Adjust Included
Rip Fence Bar 1-5/8" (40mm) Solid Steel Micro Polished
Overhead Guard With Swing Away Included
Push Handle Included
Rip Shoe Included
Hold Down Clamp Included
32" x 12" Steel Extension Table Included
Cross Fence 2 x Flip-Stop
Cross Fence Readout Inch/Metric
Crosscut Fence Max Collapsed 77"
Crosscut Fence Max Extended 140"
Table Lock Positions 2 Tabs, 20 Notches = 40 Total
Ship Dimensions Body 83" x 47" x 46"
Ship Dimensions Table 137" x 20" x 15"
Weight (Net/Ship) 1815/2112 lbs.
Laguna Tools P12|8 Panelsaw - P12-8

Laguna Tools P12|8 Panelsaw - P12-8

Laguna Tools P12|8 Panelsaw - P12-8