Lixie- Industrial Mallets, Sledges & Hammers

Striking Tools you Can Trust

Established in 1946 and proudly made in the United States for over 75 years.  The Lixie Hammer Co., has been producing the best hammers, mallets and sledge hammers for the professional and hobbyists alike.  It does not matter what endeavor you take on from industrial uses in machine shops and factories to the home enthusiast and DIY Doers, Lixie has the tool to fit the job!

While most Industrial hammer companies moved operations overseas, Lixie remains one of the oldest hammer companies in the United States.  Fine craftsmanship and durability are second to none.  When you need a hammer, mallets or sledge hammer, there really is no other brand that has given professionals such satisfaction for such a long period of time.  Penn Tool Co., wholeheartedly recommends Lixie Hammers to anyone individual who wants the best hammers and a fair price.