lonoPlus 3000® Synthetic Dielectric Fluid, 55 Gallon - IP3000-55

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Carl Hirschmann, Inc.

lonoPlus 3000® Synthetic Dielectric Fluid, 55 Gallon - IP3000-55

After long years of research OEL HELD introduces an entirely new powerful concept into dielectrics: lonoPlus 3000® Unlike conventional mineral oil products, this combination of highly refined synthetic products is enriched with satellite electrodes in a special blending process.

As a truly universal dielectric, lonoPlus 3000® is suited for all operations from the finest finishing processes to the most effective rough cut. Besides having the best possible effectiveness in flushing and the greatest possible disruptive strength, it offers a whole series of unique advantages.


Greater efficiency in metal removal

  • The time needed to built an ionization bridge is substantially reduced

Greater resistance to electrode wear

  • Macro-molecules surround the electrode like a protective grid

Improved surface quality

  • Satellite electrodes bring about an optimal distribution of discharges

Shining results in the Finishing process

  • Within a minimum amount of time a surface roughness of less than 0,1 p can be achieved

Increases Swarf Removal Rate

  • Swift dispersion of waste particles helps to prevent burn spots from forming

lonoPlus 3000® dielectric has been thoroughly tested by the Institute for Research and Control of Work Materials in Baden- Wurttemberg Germany in respect to operational safety and industrial hygiene. Toxic or allergic symptoms cannot occur during use. A tolerance limit in the air surrounding the Place of work (MAK value) is not reached. lonoPlus 3000® dielectric IME-MH can be used in all conventional filter plants.

lonoPlus 3000® is a product of OEL-HELD GmbH, Mineraloelwerk, D-70188 Stuttgart / Germany.

The regulations for flammable liquids (VbF) do not apply to lonoPlus 3000® dielectric.

Technical Data:

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lonoPlus 3000® dielectric fluid was developed after many years of research centered around improving the overall performance of EDM machines as well as special emphasis on safety to humans and our environment.

Unlike other EDM fluids, lonoPlus 3000® is a 100% pure synthetic product not a mineral based oil. Mineral based oils break down during the EDM process requiring periodic changes. lonoPlus 3000® eliminates frequent oil changes and as a further benefit, ends skin irritation problems.

Through a special blending process, lonoPlus 3000® is the only dielectric fluid enriched with "Chemical Satellite Electrodes". These Satellite Electrodes increase the electrical conductivity in the spark gap which decreases the ionization time. This allows for greater metal removable rates in roughing, semi-finishing and finishing using the same settings.

Once electronically charged, these Satellites also act as insulators in the spark gap protecting the electrode against the bombardment of the eroded particles. This results in lower wear ratios and sharper detail.

lonoPlus 3000® is approved by HUTEC (Human Technology, materials compatible to humans and environment). This highly refined product is also 99.99% odorless, is not classified as a flammable liquid and is void of any hazardous materials.

lonoPlus 3000® is available in 55-gallon drums, 264-gallon containers, five-gallon containers, and one gallon containers (for mold polishing). All shipments are F.O.B. our warehouse, call for the nearest location. User recommendations are available upon request. lonoPlus 3000® is patented in the U.S. and Germany.

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lonoPlus 3000® Synthetic Dielectric Fluid, 55 Gallon - IP3000-55

lonoPlus 3000® Synthetic Dielectric Fluid, 55 Gallon - IP3000-55

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