Mahr Metrology


Mahr is a multinational, medium-sized, family business, and is one of the oldest metrology companies in Europe. Now more than 150 years old, Carl Mahr founded his namesake company in 1861 in Esslingen, Germany.

It took until about 1970 for the company to make it to the United States, but since its arrival, Mahr has become one of the top precision measuring companies in the country. In 1999, they merged with Federal Products Co. of Providence Rhode Island to become Mahr Federal.

In the more than 5 decades since it has arrived, the company has become a leader in the manufacturing of the most trusted metrology tools and instrumentation. Best of all, at Penn Tool Co., we offer an expansive collection of Mahr metrology tools to ensure that you can find what the precision you require.

Mahr Tools and Metrology Measuring Instruments

Since they never settle for mediocrity, Mahr has developed an extensive range of practical tools. These include:

One of their more popular selections is the Mahr MarCal 30 EWRi Digital Depth Gauge. This handy device has a resolution of 0.001mm and an accuracy of 0.025mm, making it an essential tool for workshops or laboratory settings.

Meanwhile, the MAHR Certified Reference Specimen PMD-90101 is a particularly versatile option, capable of measuring surface roughness values over a wide range of scales. This makes it an ideal choice for both comparative testing and for measuring the absolute roughness of a given surface.

Why Choose Mahr Federal Precision Measuring Instruments?

The mission statement posted on their website states that their core values are customer focus, reliability, fairness, and diversity. Mahr Federal is a leader in the industry and provides solutions to any operations in which high-precision measuring is critical.

For example, when producing parts, the tightest of tolerances are required. Mahr is registered to ISO 9001:2008 by National Quality Assurance and accredited to ISO 17025:2005.

Regardless of the operations you manage, if you require accurate measurements, then you can’t afford to waste time, resources, and productivity by using inferior tools. Choose Mahr Federal and you can be certain that you are getting a superior, reliable, and precise measuring device.

Be Precise with Mahr Metrology Tools from Penn Tool Co.

You can measure “Mahr exactly” with the best measuring tools and metrology equipment on the market. In fact, this brand is so well-respected that there has even been a book written about their history.

At Penn Tool Co., it’s exactly because of this respect that we recommend Mahr so highly. With almost 2 centuries to perfect their products, you can rest assured that these instruments excel at simplifying the measuring stage of any industrial operation.

When you require precision you can trust, Mahr is the brand you need. To learn more about Mahr Federal metrology equipment, reach out to our team today.