Keller Black Magic Oil Skimmer - MB-17

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Keller Black Magic Oil Skimmer - MB-17

It makes all of the standard skimmer problems disappear!

  • No skimmer waste tank overflows!
  • No hauling off 90% coolant with your waste oil!
  • 1 year warranty on motor!

Get These Benefits:

  • Oil concentrator that holds the tramp oil and continuously returns clean coolant to the sump
  • Oil discharged from Keller Skimallessor oil concentrator is virtually 100% oil
  • Much cleaner shop environment
  • Magnetic mounting bracket makes installation easy on any machine

Where to Use the Keller Skimmer Package:

  • The Keller Belt Skimmer System can be used wherever you would use a conventional skimmer. In addition to machine sumps, high pressure system tanks are an ideal application.

How it Works:

The Keller Black Magic Belt skimmer with the Skimallessor oil concentrator is mounted on the cover of the machine sump with a magnet attached to the bracket. The bracket has multiple height adjustments. As the Skimallessor container fills with coolant and oil, the oil separates to the top of the container and is held there. Coolant that separates is continuously returned from bottom of the container to the sump through internal piping. The only maintenance is draining the accumulated oil once or twice per week, depending on the machine.

Standard MB 17 Model Features:

  • 2 Ball bearings on driver pulley
  • 1.2" Cotton/silcone belt for ultimate oil removing performance
  • 9 ft long cord 115v
  • Liquid tight enclosure

Ordering Guide:

  • MB-17-SK - 17” Black Magic Belt Oil Skimmer with Skimallessor Tank & Magnetic Bracket
  • MB-17 - 17” Black Magic Belt Skimmer (Only)
  • SK-1 - Skimallessor Tank plus magnetic bracket
  • BR-17F - Replacement Belt, Oil attracting

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Keller Black Magic Oil Skimmer - MB-17

Keller Black Magic Oil Skimmer - MB-17

Keller Black Magic Oil Skimmer - MB-17