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Meyer Gage

Meyer Gage

Meyer Gage- Gage Makers For The World

In 1960 Albert Meyer started his gage company in Connecticut because he felt there was a lack of convenient hole and bore measurement at the time.  Through his many years as the owner of his own grinding company he was looking for something that was not readily available in those days.  There were no commercially produced ZZ gage pin sets on the market that were reliable as well as accurate.  Fixed limit gaging was what he focused on and with large investments in inspection equipment and high tech grinding methods, Meyer Gage was born.  The tradition at the company continues in it's 2nd generation as James Meyer has taken over and heads this fine company.  Meyer Gage continues to manufacture the best pin gage sets available and they are still made right here in the United States.  In an industry where even the smallest measurements are extremely important, Meyer Gage offers many different classes of pin gages to get the job done right.  Their quality control is up to the most stringent level of certification and all manufacturing is well documented and easily available for viewing.  They are ISO 9001 and the lab is accredited to A2LA as well as ISO/IEC 17025:2005.  Penn Tool Co., carries the full line of Meyer Gage Tools which includes Class Z, ZZ, & X Pin Gage Sets & Library Series, Custom Length Gages, Individual Gage Pins, GO/NOGO Assemblies, Taperlocks & Trilocks, Ring Gages, Progressive Style Gages, Master Setting Discs, Thread Gages, and all the Accessories.  We are confident that you will be happy with the quality and accuracy you get with Meyer Gage and best of all you are buying American which helps out the whole country and something to be proud of.     



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