Digital and Mechanical Micrometers

Industrial micrometers are a critical piece of equipment for any industry that requires precise measurements. These tools allow machinists to accurately measure the depth, length, and thickness of their components, which is vital when trying to meet tight tolerances in order to ensure fit, function, and safety.

They also have many applications in manufacturing processes, including quality control inspections, tool calibration, and troubleshooting. They even have applications in research and development projects to test new products before they are manufactured on a large scale.

At Penn Tool Co., we offer a diverse selection of digital and mechanical measuring tools from a variety of trusted manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for an inside or an outside micrometer set, these helpful devices take highly accurate measurements with ease.

Mechanical and Digital Micrometers for Industrial Applications

There are numerous types of industrial micrometers with an array of applications depending on what you’re measuring and where you need it measured from. Digital micro meters, for example, are particularly ideal for shops that require maximal precision, while mechanical micro meters are preferred by many for their durability and ease-of-use.

Fortunately, as specialists in the tooling industry, we strive to provide you with the best products for your specific needs, and only those that consistently deliver superior performance. That’s why we carry digital micrometers and mechanical micrometers from brands you can trust, including Asimeto, Brown & Sharpe, Fowler, Mitutoyo, and many more.

Digital Micrometers

These are great tools for measuring to very precise tolerances. They can measure both inside and outside diameters, as well as depth.

Electronic micrometers, like this Mitutoyo Digital Pocket Micrometer, typically come with a built-in LED display to simplify taking measurements in low light conditions. The iGaging Electronic Micrometer also boasts an extra-large digital panel, but it’s also bluetooth-compatible, meaning machinists are no longer required to log measurements manually!

Mechanical Micrometers

The mechanical versions have been around much longer than their digital counterparts, so they’re more popular in machine shops across the country. Because they don’t rely on electronic components, they tend to be more durable as well, depending on the environment.

This Fowler Outside Micrometer, for example, features a hardened and precision-ground anvil and spindle to improve its sturdiness. Meanwhile, the carbide-tipped measuring face of Fowler’s Vernier Micrometer serves a similar function. In fact, this Value Collection Outside Micrometer Set also features carbide measuring faces on its three included tools, but it also includes a hard carrying case to further protect them as well.

Maximize Precision with Micrometers from Penn Tool Co.

Industrial micrometers are a necessary tool for any machine shop or factory. They offer accuracy, precision, and durability that is unmatched by other measuring devices.

Unfortunately, with an abundance of options available to you, how do you navigate the market to find the perfect tool for the needs of your operation? You find a reliable, trusted, and established expert in the field to collaborate with.

At Penn Tool Co., we have over 50 years of experience in this industry, and we have a passionate, collaborative culture. We enjoy matching the perfect equipment with the right project. If you want to find the best micrometer for your next job, reach out to our team today.