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"Miracle Point" Magnetic Base Protractors

Product Description

Erick Magna Holder

Miracle Point Magnetic Base Protractors

Erick Miracle Point Magnetic base protractor and center locator is used to locate the middle point of any object positioned within the V leg. The center pin will mark the middle point at the angle being indicated, and also can be used instead of ruler and scriber to located drill point in center of flat stock, square stock, round stock, hexagonal stock add to infinitum...


  • 0º-90º-0º degree Universal Miracle Base Protractor Dial Face
  • An extremely accurate protractor with extremely sensitive, sealed mercury balanced needle
  • Protractor is permanently attached as an integral part of a powerful Magnetic V Base containing lifetime Alnico magnets
  • V base is precision ground
  • Gives immediate readings of angles for full 360 degree radius
  • Protractor set in cast aluminum housing


Guaranteed Calibration ± 1/2° for One Full Year
Dial Face 2"
Height 5 1/4"
Width 5"
Depth 1"
Weight 16 oz. w/case
Packaged One per box

Certificate of Conformance as Note Under FED-STD-638
N.I.S.T. #821/25017

Brand: Erick Magna