Mitee-Bite Dyna-Force® Clamp - 28324

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Mitee-Bite Dyna-Force® Clamp - 28324

Dyna-Force® Clamps

The majority of the Dyna-Force® clamp is below the surface of the fixture which provides excellent clamp support and makes for a very low profile. The clamp jaw slides on an angle for positive downforce.

The clamp jaw is available with smooth or serrated faces.

The support surface of the Dyna-Force® clamp can be installed flush with the fixture plate or raised to hold the workpiece off the fixture, enabling drill-through.


  • Incredible Clamping and Hold Down Power
  • Low Profile, Compact Design
  • 17-4 PH Stainless Steel
  • Smooth or Serrated
  • Stainless steel screws and retaining rings are available for EDM applications

PATENT NO. 5964458

Dyna-Force® Installation:

  • Bore ℄ of the hole "L" distance from edge of workpiece
  • Drill and tap "H" to mount clamp in pocket
  • Machine counter bore if recessing clamp into fixture
  • Provide a back stop to locate the part


  • "N*" – To have rest pad flush with fixture, use the dimension provided. To have the rest pad above the fixture surface, reduce the depth accordingly.
  • For dimensions I and J, use a tolerance of +.1/-0mm. For dimension L and O, use +.1/-.1mm.

Specifications - Metric:

Part No. 28324
Clamp Jaw† & Hardness Smooth 34RC
A* 30
B 37.9
C 29
D 29.9
E 7
F 20
G - Min 4.5
G - Opt. 7.5
G - Max 10.75
H M8 or 5/16-18
I 38
J 30
K 8
L 7.05
M 7.5
N 7
O 30
Clamp Travel 3.8
Drive Screw M10x18mm
Key Size 8mm
Max Torque 35.3 (Ft/Lbs), 41.9 (N.m)
Holding Force 3,200 (Lbs), 14234 (N.)
Replacement Insert** 28488 (smooth)

† Smooth jaw only will have relief cut
* Body diameter
** Includes screw and retaining ring

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Mitee-Bite Dyna-Force® Clamp - 28324

Mitee-Bite Dyna-Force® Clamp - 28324

Mitee-Bite Dyna-Force® Clamp - 28324