Nasco Industries Inc.



Nasco Industries Inc

Nasco Industries has been producing some of the best tool balancers and equipment to assist in manufacturing since 1959.  Similar to Penn Tool Co., this company has NJ roots and at one time was located just minutes away from each other.   Nasco has since left NJ and moved to Ft Lauderdale Fl and still manufactures right here in the U.S.A.  Their products are made out of the best materials that last a long time.  The owner in charge of Nasco Industries, Jason Petrucci, has been a long time friend of Penn Tool Co., and the relationship dates back many years.  You can be sure that if any issues come up with any of the Nasco Industries products, they will be dealt with quickly and with great attention.  Penn Tool Co., carries the full line of Nasco Tool and Load Balancing Systems , Tool Support Systems, Overhead Runway Tool Supports, Nasco Torque Tools, and Nascomatic Systems Screwfeeders/Presenters.  If you are in the market for assistance in assembly and manufacturing, Nasco Industries has the tools you are looking for.  Making manufacturing quicker and safer throughout your factory or shop floor.