Noga Engineering


Noga Engineering – Manufacturer of Deburring Systems, Holding Systems, and Cooling Systems.

Noga - Simply Sophisticated.

Noga Engineering was established in 1980 by Gustav Hirsch along with his two sons Neft and Shuli.   They are based out of Israel and produce some of the best Deburring Tools, Indicator Bases, and other various Holding Tools.  They are one of the only manufactures that Penn Tool Co., represents that is based out of Israel and the quality in the tools they produce is certainly evident.  Their magnetic bases far surpass the ones made in China and have unusually strong holding power.  The Noga Big Boy Magnetic Base is one of Penn Tool’s top sellers and they name describes it perfectly.  It is one “Big Boy” and can certainly hold your tool in place firmly and with very little movement.  The magnet is very powerful and that is why customers always know that when they buy a product with the name Noga on it, they are getting a tool made extremely well and will last the test of time.  In comparison to some of the other brands that Penn Tool carries, Noga produces a less diverse line of tools.  Their product line is broken down into Deburring Systems, Holding Systems, Cooling Systems, and Chip Hooks.  They focus on what they do best and it certainly shows.  Other companies have done their best to copy Noga but they can’t seem to duplicate them and that is why Noga remains one of the best manufactures in their class.  Penn Tool Co., is sure that when you purchase an item from us with the name Noga on it you will certainly be happy with your purchase.  All the products that Noga produces are made specifically to save you time and money.  The Best Noga Deburring System has been acknowledged as the world leader in hand Deburring Tools.  The Noga Holding Systems are used by Industrial Professionals as well as the hobbyist who demands only the best in Workholding.  The Noga Cooling Systems are used in a variety of Metalworking Operations where friction between metals becomes hot and needs to be cooled.  They have some of the best cooling devices in the industry.  Noga is focused on product design and development, quality, service, and a product range that is done right!