Omni Universal CNC Bar Puller OP-1000 - 69-987-6

Brand:   SPI Swiss Precision Instruments
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Omni Universal CNC Bar Puller OP-1000

Coolant/Air actuated bar pullers are activated either by the lathe's coolant system or by compressed air. Coolant can be fed through the machine causing the clamps to close around the bar stock. These pullers can also be actuated using compressed air.

The Omni Puller is either coolant or air activated. The special adapter can be easily removed for internally activated applications. The Omni Puller is mounted in two basic ways:

Internally activated - Applications are very common and very easy to mount. Internally activated applications require you to remove the coolant/air adapter. You must have a minimum of 15 psi to activate the unit (maximum 80 psi).

Externally activated - Applications are commonly used with a CNC Turret boring bar holder attachment, or with another style toolholder. These holders must have coolant access ports. These ports can be connected with an external line to the threaded hole of the coolant/air adapter (thread size 1/8-27 NPT). Your external outside coolant system must have a minimum of 15 psi to actuate the Puller (15 psi = 107 lbs. clamping force).


  • Fits most CNC machines to fully utilize automatic machining cycles with round, hex, square and flat bare stock
  • Two models with different capacities, Mini Omni 3/16" - 1-1/8" and Omni 3/16" - 3"
  • 1" dia. mounting shank
  • Activation with internal coolant system or air: minimum 15 PSI to Maximum 80 PSI
  • Replaceable hard and soft fingers available


Model Name Omni
Model Number OP-1000
Type Coolant/Air-Actuated Heavy Duty Bar Puller
Gripping Range (mm) 19 to 80 (Second Setting); 3 to 63 (First Setting)
Gripping Range (Inch) 1/8 to 2-1/2 (First Setting); 3/4 to 3-1/8 (Second Setting)
Round Shank Diameter (Inch) 1"
Overall Width (mm) 101.6
Overall Width (Inch) 4"
Overall Length (mm) 147.64
Overall Length (Inch) 5-13/16"
Head Diameter (mm) 69.85
Head Diameter (Inch) 2-3/4"

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Omni Universal CNC Bar Puller OP-1000 - 69-987-6

Omni Universal CNC Bar Puller OP-1000 - 69-987-6

Omni Universal CNC Bar Puller OP-1000 - 69-987-6