Phase-A-Matic Static Phase Converter - PAM Series, 50 to 75 HP - PAM-7500HDES

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HP Range 50 to 75
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Phase-A-Matic Static Phase Converter - PAM Series, 50 to 75 HP


Designed especially for running three-phase 230V Machine Tools and Motors from single-phase 230V power.

The Static Converter provides an inexpensive 3-phase power solution for home workshops and industrial use.

  • Immediate delivery from stock
  • No more changing motors or switch gear
  • Simple installation
  • Reliability has proven exceptionally good
  • Guaranteed 12 months against manufacturing defects

Uses include the following: Lathes, Mills, Grinders, Drills, Saws, Metal working and Wood working Equipment, Printing Machines and Equipment, Sewing Machines, Garbage Disposals, Food Processing Equipment, Meat Grinders, Dough Mixers, Food Blenders, Elevator Belts, and many more.

METHOD 1 - Reduced HP method

Using the PHASE-A-MATIC Static Converter alone will produce approximately 2/3 normal HP.* It runs MOTOR LOADS ONLY. This method is inexpensive and the most popular. It provides excellent results on most machine tools and can be for numerous other uses. Motor speed is not changed and most 2-speed motors, power feeds, coolant pumps, etc. will operate. Motor will instant reverse, there is nothing to change and all switch gear will work normally.

*Refers to wye-wound motors; delta-wound motors will run at 50% rated HP. Delta-wound motors are rarely made in the United States but are occasionally found on some imported equipment and particularly on German and Italian machines.

METHOD 2 - Full or close to full HP method

Make your own type of ROTARY CONVERTER using the PHASE-A-MATIC Static Converter. In conjunction with a three-phase motor used as an idler motor, this can produce full or close to full HP. When running unloaded, the windings of the motor function as a rotary transformer or generator while consuming little extra power. The idler motor needs to be a minimum of 50% larger than the largest motor that you want to run to accommodate the higher starting current. A good quality 3600 RPM three-phase wye-wound 230V motor is the best choice. 1800 RPM motors can be used on applications not heavily loaded. Used three-phase motors are inexpensive and readily available.


The PHASE-A-MATIC static converter has been developed, tested, and thoroughly proven for over a 50-year period demonstrating exceptionally high reliability and long life.

Three-phase motors when used with the PHASE-A-MATIC Static Converter have a distinct advantage over single-phase motors. Current draw on starting is approximately 6 times less. This enables the use of high HP motors where previously not thought possible. There is no interference to electronic equipment such as TV, CNC/PLC, controls, etc.


CAUTION! Do not order a larger size PHASE-A-MATIC Static Converter thinking it will give you more HP. Also, when sized too large (or too small) it becomes incompatible and will not work.

The following load types will not work on the Static Converter using Method No. 1:

  • Refrigeration compressors, some air compressors
  • Pumps, blowers, vacuums, fans
  • Most hydraulic pump-driven machines
  • EDM machines, heating elements, transmitters, welders, battery chargers, rectifiers, lasers, plasma cutters, MRI machines, radiation
  • 3-phase electronic controls such as CNC, SCR,VFD, dynamic brakes, rheostat
  • 3-phase transformers
  • WEG motors
  • Most motor RPM ratings less than 1200 RPM
  • Very old open frame motors

To run these load types, you must use Method No. 2 or use our PHASE-A-MATIC Rotary Phase Converter.


The maximum or minimum starting current (or HP) applied to the converter at any one time determines which model PHASE-A-MATIC PAM series Static Converter to use. The HP rating of the machine (motor) must match the HP rating of the converter with very few exceptions.

Do not add the HP of the power feed, coolant pump, etc. These rely on the generator effect of the main motor.

The only time to add the HP of two or more motors together is when they always start at the same time.

2-speed motors are dual HP. Select the PHASE-A-MATIC PAM series Static Converter with a minimum and maximum HP rating that is the same as or very close to the dual HP ratings of the motor. Example: 2 HP 3600 RPM motor is 1 HP at 1800 RPM. Use the PAM-300HD, rated 1 to 3 HP.

PAM Series HEAVY DUTY uses include:

  • Lathes above 3 HP not fitted with a clutch.
  • Air compressors: The motor pulley diameter must also be reduced by 1/3*, or a 50% larger motor can be fitted.
  • For long, heavy starting cycles, frequent starting, instant reversing, unattended motors or equipment.
  • If jogging is required, or if there is a good chance of the motor being stalled during use.

*On delta-wound motors, pulley must be reduced by 50%


PAM Series HEAVY DUTY "HD" Models
Model Number HP Range Weight Shipping
H x W x D
H x W x D
PAM-7500HDES 50 to 75 32.5 lbs. 35 lbs. 18.75" x 10.75" x 6" 20" x 12" x 8"

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Phase-A-Matic Static Phase Converter - PAM Series, 50 to 75 HP - PAM-7500HDES

Phase-A-Matic Static Phase Converter - PAM Series, 50 to 75 HP - PAM-7500HDES

Phase-A-Matic Static Phase Converter - PAM Series, 50 to 75 …