Pin Gages

Pin Gages & Sets for Metalworking Inspection

Precision pin gages are metalworking tools that determine the inside diameter (ID) and outside diameter (OD) of manufactured holes. This makes them perfect for ensuring that holes are bored within the specific parameters you require.

Even better, when it comes to gages and gage sets, we know exactly what you need in order to do the best work possible. At Penn Tool Co., we are pin gage suppliers with over five decades of industry experience!

We offer many different types of these precision measuring tools, and from a variety of the most popular and trusted brands. From Meyer Gage to Starrett, we’re sure to have the parts you require, regardless of your measuring needs.

Plug Gage Set vs. Pin Gage Set: Is There a Difference?

The difference between pin and plug gages is minor, but practical. Plug gages empower you to assess the diameter of a hole or object, just as pin gages do.

However, pin gages differ from plug gages in that they feature a “GO” side and a “NO GO” side, and they specify the tolerance of each. For gage sets, the GO side indicates the minimum ID tolerance, while the NO GO side indicates the minimum OD tolerance.

These two functions are used to confirm that a bored workpiece meets the design specifications. To do this, the GO gage should be able to enter the hole, whereas the NO GO gage should be obstructed.

Gage Pins: Types and Classes

Pin & plug gages, and their handles, are classified by their geometric form and application. These include:

  • Ball Gages measure tapered bores and cavities that are spherical in shape.
  • Cylindrical Gages are tubular in shape and don’t feature a taper.
  • Hex (or Nut) Gages feature cross-sections that are hexagonal or square in shape.
  • Plain Gages feature an outer surface that is smoother than others.
  • Tapered Gages are conical in shape.

Handles and holders are classified into 3 mounting types, including:

  • Taperlock Gages are intended for handles with a tapered cavity.
  • Trilock Gages attach to the handle via a central hole.
  • Reversible Gages empower operators to switch ends when one end of a gage becomes too worn.

Gage Sets from Trusted Brands

At Penn Tool Co., we don’t simply offer decades of expertise. We also provide an expansive selection of the best gage sets on the market — expertly curated from the most trusted, experienced, and popular brands in the industry!

The IMGages Library Series Steel Pin Gage Set, for example, offers GO and NO GO gaging with accuracy tolerances from Minus (-) .0002” to Plus (+) .0000. IMGages is known for functionality and, here, a flip-up lid provides easy-access to the heavier pins, which minimizes excess weight on the pull-out drawers.

Meanwhile, this Asimeto Inch Rectangular Gauge Block Set features 81 ASME gage blocks in various sizes. In addition to the beautiful box in which it’s stored, this ceramic gage set also includes a complete certificate that identifies the deviation of each block, and is traceable to the NIST or PTB.

Ensure Accurate Bores with Gage Sets from Penn Tool Co.

At Penn Tool Co., we’re passionate about helping metalworking professionals to achieve their best results. To find the perfect pin gage or plug gage set for your operations, reach out to our team today.